35 Reps seek six- year tenure for Governors, President

……propose rotation of powers among geopolitical zones

By Samuel Ogunsona

A group of 35 lawmakers have proposed a bill to extend the tenure of the President from four to six years in a single term.

The group also stated that the rotation of the Presidency should be between the North and the South as well as creating a new office of a second vice President.

Observers think the lawmakers are pushing for a legal solution to Nigeria’s deep-seated nationality crisis, something that requires restructuring of institutions and not restructuring of personnel.

Speaking to journalists at the National Assembly Complex on Monday, the lawmakers, led by Rep. Ikenga Ugochinyere (PDP-Imo) said the bill is part of her efforts to reduce the desperation and tempo of agitation by marginalized groups and ensure equal representation .

They also mentioned that the bill will drastically cut the cost of governance in the country

“The bill is also seeking reduction in government spending and wastage, efficiency in governance, and national stability by providing a single term of six years for the President and Governors.

“The 1st vice shall be a succession Vice president, while the 2nd Vice president shall be a Minister in charge of the Economy, and both shall be Ministers.

“Ours is a commitment to building a united, stable, and prosperous nation. Nigeria can and must become a great and modern nation.” The group mentioned

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