Akintoye debunks plots of armed mercenary invasion for O’odua Republic

By Samuel Ogunsona

Leader of Ilana Omo Oodua, Prof Banji Akintoye has debunked reports of plots to invade Yorubaland using merceneries drawn from across some African countries.

Reports have been filtering of plans by some unknown individuals planing to invade Yorubaland using mercenaries sourced from some African countries.

In an audio broadcast made available to Irohinoodua Akintoye said Ilana Omo O’Odua condemns such plots if they ever exist.

He said the reports are damaging to the Yoruba self determination movement.

He said reports that some mercenaries are being hired to come and fight in Yorubaland are spurious.

He reinstated the desire of Yoruba Nation for peaceful and legitimate resistance and campaign for Yoruba Nation.

Prof. Akintoye who said it’s a false claim against those that are genuinely committed to the Yoruba self determination liberation movement.

He said, “I greet all Yoruba people, Kings, youths and our people in diaspora. The reasons for my message today is because of the information I heard about some set of people who have gathered to attack Yoruba land with false information that the Yoruba self determination group is ready for a bloody fight by bringing rifles to Yoruba land for the actualization of Yoruba Nation.”

He spoke further “I want to inform the populace that we have never for once thought of such act. Yoruba self determination struggle is going to be a peaceful struggle”.

He said the Yoruba self determination movement that he leads has been able to go far in the struggle without resorting to arms or violence.

He said already the Yoruba self determination movement has been recognized all over the world as a peaceful organisation committed to the Yoruba sovereignty that Yoruba Nation wants to stand on its own.

He assured the Yoruba that his group will continue with the peaceful method and process to get the Yoruba Nation without causing harm to anyone.

“We are not fighting anyone. We promise to have friendly neighbours after we have gotten the Yoruba Nation of our dream. God has given us the Yoruba wisdom and knowledge on how we can actualize our dream Nation without causing any harm in the process”.

He said further “We have no hand in the rumour of bringing any war rifles to Yoruba land in other to cause harm to other people for the actualization of Yoruba Nation.”

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