Avaaz laud GEF on global framework fund to reverse biodiversity loss

……..urge direct funding for indigenous people

By Samuel Ogunsona

Avaaz group has applaud global environmental facility (GEF) assembly over the recent implementation of global framework fund (GFF) that will halt biodiversity loss and protect the nature.

At the GEF assembly on Friday, Canada through the newly named chair of the Assembly and the it minister of International development, Hon. Ahmed Hussen, announced it’s monitory commitment of $200 million to support the action against loss of biodiversity in years time.

Reacting to the development made by the assembly, Avaaz team has urge the assembly to do more by giving direct access to funding for the indigenous people all over the globe.

“These pledges should be used to encourage additional funding and to turn any aspirational share of funding for IPs into a firm target of the agreed 20% share”

Avaaz campaign director, Oscar Soria, said the assembly must now prioritize the indigenous people, by ensuring robust and direct financial support to empower them.

He said, “The time for half-measures has passed; now is the moment to confront this crisis head-on. The GEF must rise to this moment of urgency by ensuring robust and direct financial support to empower IPLCs in their critical roles and efforts, and by prioritizing indigenous-led ecosystem management strategies with the necessary financial resources to continue protecting our planet. Surely donors can come up with the paltry 40 M dollars needed to operationalize the GBF Fund today.”

However, the following request has been put on desk for GEF Council in it 65th Meeting that will take place in December;

  • Ensure immediate Funding: Allocate urgent financial resources to empower Indigenous Peoples to execute effective environmental management practices, a key measure to prevent and tackle wildfires and other environmental crises. These communities are on the frontlines, and their expertise must be harnessed to prevent further devastation.
  • Direct Indigenous Involvement: Facilitate direct involvement of Indigenous Peoples in policy-making, ensuring their traditional knowledge shapes conservation and sustainable use strategies in support of the targets of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • Global Emergency Response: Establish a rapid-response mechanism to address emerging wildfire crises, allowing Indigenous peoples to take the lead in managing and mitigating disasters such as the devastating wildfires currently threatening the globe.
  • Private Sector Accountability: Enforce private sector accountability for preventing environmental degradation and its diverse manifestations such as wildfires, in particular agribusiness and commodities sectors, and that these sectors recognize and support the critical role that Indigenous-led efforts play in protecting our planet.

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