Biafra, Oodua Nations issue joint Statement



In the name of God the Almighty Creator and Ruler of all nations.  We the representatives of the Yoruba and the Biafran peoples today happily inform the world that we have resolved to collaborate in our struggles for the self-determination and sovereignty of our two Nations.

Our two separate struggles are aimed at achieving two separate nation-states. One for the Yoruba people and the other 

for Biafrans. Moreover, as the records abundantly and clearly show, the paths of our two struggles have been different. Inexorably our two struggles will continue to operate along different but parallel lines. Yet with humility before God, we recognize and acknowledge that our two struggles have the same purpose, which is the liberation of our two peoples and their separate nations from enslavement in Nigeria. It is to liberate them from Nigeria’s poverty-generating directions. And to liberate them from endless suffering, oppression and marginalization.

We will henceforth work together as two brotherly nations seeking freedom, progress and prosperity. we are confident that by doing this, we shall make each of our struggles stronger, and facilitate faster attainment of our goals.

we must touch on two important points before the conclusion of this announcement. First is that, we the leaders of the Biafran and Yoruba self-determination struggles hereby jointly and firmly demand the release of our brother Nnamdi Kanu from Nigeria’s custody.
Nigeria’s courts have ordered the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from the unlawful captivity and detention by the Nigerian authorities. We therefore demand that Nigeria should now obey its own courts in this matter.

The second point is about the Ibadan court case before the Nigerian High Court in which Chief Sunday Adeyemo , aka Sunday Igboho, sued the Nigerian Federal Government and the Department of State Security service, for the savage incursion into his home, and barbarous destruction of, his properties in Ibadan on June 1 2021. The violation of his human and civic rights and unlawful killings of two persons in his house.
According to the records, the High Court awarded 20 billon Naira in damages to Chief Sunday Adeyemo, in a judgment against the Nigerian Federal Government and its agents. The court also added the very important ruling that self- determination is an inalienable right of all nations and that Sunday Adeyemo’s advocacy for Yoruba self-determination is not a crime under any laws of Nigeria. We are aware that the Nigerian authorities have been engaging in their accustomed unlawful manipulation about this case. We want the Nigerian government to know that we the peoples of Yoruba and Biafra stand firmly with Chief Sunday Igboho and will stand by him until he gets justice.
This statement is signed by:


1..Prof Banji Akintoye.

2..Chief (Doc)Sunday Adeniyi Aka.Igboho Osha

3..Prof Wale Adeniran.

               FOR BIAFRA

1..Samuel Ekpa.

2..Mme.Azuka Charle Nwankwo.

3..Hon.Basil Onwukwe.

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