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Community, siblings warn Delta State not to install Ovie of Agbarha

‘We don’t want 419 as King’

The Delta State Government has been asked to shelf plans to install the Ovie of Agbarha in Warri Local Government of Delta State.

In a petition sent to the State Governor Sheriff Oborevwori and signed by Chief Signe Orereh, who is from the same mother with the proposed King and five other community leaders said plans to install Mr Kingsley Emakpo Orereh as the new Ovie of Agbarha will lead to break down of law and order in the ancient Kingdom. They said the community ‘does not want 419 as King.’

They said having taken over the political space, it is unfortunate that the traditional institutions now face the threat of usurpation and destruction, courtesy of the decreasing moral values and the diminishing respect for the heritage of many African indigenous societies.

The petitioners from the community and siblings of the candidate indicate that the proposed traditional King has no relationship with the ancient crown.

‘We call on the State Governor to put an immediate stop to the plan to install Mr Emakpo as the new Ovie of Agbarha. The representatives of the community have reached out to our office that the proposed King is of Ijaw extraction and not an Urhobo person by birth. We are aware that youths are already bracing up to resistance in communities where the Ovie has jurisdiction.It is in the interest of the State Government to stop the installation to avoid any mayhem’ the petition signed by Chief Orere,  Samuel Abure and Orido Ogbodo and three others stated.

The group said the family of the deceased father of the proposed King continue to wonder why an Ijaw person who has no bearing with Urhobo lineage should be King.

The communities in Delta State wonder how eminent chiefs, the state Government prominent  and leaders of the Agbarha Warri Kingdom have allowed themselves to be fooled by the supposed Mr. Kingsley Emakpo Orereh. The Chiefs simply refused to investigate his paternity.

The group said nobody can know Mr. Kingsley Emakpo Orereh more than his immediate surviving siblings whose head and the community youths are threatening violent upheaval of the

The community leaders said the supposed Mr. Kingsley Emakpo Orereh still has some surviving siblings, especially the two who are supposedly from the same father wondering why the chiefs and leaders of Agbarha Warri kingdom have chosen to ignore and never inquire concerning the paternity, personality and character of Mr. Kingsley Emakpo Orereh from these two surviving brothers of his? 

The group said the siblings of Mr Kingsley claim that he is not and never the biological son of my father, Late Chief Sign E. Orereh. 

Chief Orereh, a sibling said that he is the biological firstborn son the late Chief Sign E. Orereh and that Mr. Kingsley and himself are of the same mother but of different fathers adding that Kingsley’s father is late Captain Biagba Kaka, an Ijaw man from Torugbene in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

They argued that their mother, late Mrs. Mary Omoni Ominikata Kaka was the last and 19th child of Ominikata, who hailed from Esaba in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, an Ijaw woman first married to Late Captain Biagba Kaka from Torugbene in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.The siblings in the petition claim that their mother had nine (9) children.

‘Her first child to her first husband, Late Captain Biagba Kaka, a boy, died at infancy. 

So she had eight (8) children in this order: Comfort Kaka (1st child and daughter), Benson Kaka (2nd child and 1st son), Emmanuel Kaka (3rd child and 2nd son), Florence Kaka (formerly known as Port Harcourt because she was born there, 4th child and 2nd daughter), Kingsley Kaka (the impostor claiming to be Kingsley Orereh, 5th child and 3rd son of Late Captain Biagba Kaka), myself, Rev. Alexander Otovwe Sign (formerly known as Pastor Alexander Otovwe Orereh, 1st biological son of Late Chief Sign E. Orereh and 6th child of our mother), Late Hon. Stephen Quiruwan Orereh (2nd son of Late Chief Sign E. Orereh and 7th child of our mother), and Late Elohor Elizabeth Orereh (1st and only daughter of Late Chief Sign E. Orereh and 8th child of our mother). So our mother had three daughters and five sons. Presently, only four of us are alive. Four are dead. Currently, I’m the only surviving son that our mother had for my father, Late Chief Sign E. Orereh. My two younger siblings (Late Hon. Stephen Quiruwan Orereh and Late Elohor Elizabeth Orereh) are dead’ the petitioners said

They claimed that Kingsley siblings said their mother gave birth to four children each to her two husbands: Late Captain Biagba Kaka and Late Chief Sign E. Orereh. But this is not true. In reality, our mother had five children for her first husband, Late Captain Biagba Kaka, and three for Late Chief Sign E. Orereh. Her first five children are for her first husband, Late Captain Biagba Kaka, the Ijaw man from Torugbene in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State. Mr. Kingsley is the fifth and last child of Late Captain Biagba Kaka. I, Rev. Alexander Otovwe Sign, Late Hon. Stephen Quiruwan Orereh and Elohor Elizabeth Orereh are the three children our mother had for my father, Late Chief Sign E. Orereh. Comfort Kaka, Benson Kaka, Emmanuel Kaka, Florence Kaka and the supposed Kingsley Orereh, who is actually Kingsley Kaka, are the five children our mother had for her first husband, Late Captain Biagba Kaka. 

The siblings said their mother was three months pregnant with Kingsley when she started relationship with their father, late Chief Sign E. Orereh and that six months into their relationship, their mother delivered Kingsley.

The petitioners said Mr Orereh acted as Mr Kingleys father but was not the biological father.

The other lone petition signed by Chief Orereh and attached to the community petition, he said ‘Our mother never wanted this to be known, even though her first daughter, Comfort Kaka and her first son, Benson Kaka were fully aware of it. Interestingly, they are not the only ones who knew. Some of our mother’s relatives like Mr. Giomor Bramor, the father of Kenneth Bramor, the Chief Executive Officer of Clintwealth, and Mr. Kenneth Bramor himself (the C.E.O) are fully aware that Mr. Kingsley is an Ijaw man from Torugbene in Burutu Local Government Area. Nevertheless, they have continued to make many believe that Mr. Kingsley is the firstborn son of my father, Late Chief Sign E. Orereh, for reasons best known to them. It’s quite shameful to see that a group of Ijaw people, men and women, can continue with this cover up and lie.’ 

The petitioners said ‘The late Orereh who Kingsley claimed to be his father passed on in 2000, Mr Kingsley refused to play the role of the firstborn. He tactically abandoned it to me, saying that because I’m a pastor I should be the one discussing with my father’s family at Okpokiti. I visited Okpokiti several times in preparation for my father’s burial.’

He said  that on each of these occasions ‘my father’s family members in Okpokiti have always asked me: Where is Kingsley? Why is he not coming? Isn’t he the firstborn son of your father? Even on the day of my father’s burial, that is, his wake-keeping in Ekpan, his coffin where his corpse was laid was by my canopies in Emakpo’s compound, while those of Kingsley were on the main Road in Ekpan.’

He wrote, ‘it was the church that buried the late Orereh. Surprisingly, at the break of the day, Kingsley disappeared from the scene, only to return late in the day after I have arranged for the ambulance that carried the corpse to Ughoton waterside.’

In the other lone petition Chief Orereh, the sibling of Mr Kingsley said  ‘where late Orereh’s corpse was being moved from Avenue Special Clinic mortuary, Kingsley refused to come. I was the one who led the procession from Avenue Special Clinic in Okumagba Avenue in Warri to Emakpo’s compound in Odomowrure Quarters in Ekpan. At Okpokiti, where my father was buried, Kingsley and some of my father’s relatives were still talking inside the house when they were informed that I have already dug the grave and was now laying my father’s corpse to rest when they came running out to meet me by the graveside. In the entire burial arrangement and preparation and in the burial proper, Kingsley never functioned as the firstborn son of my father. I tactically left the entire burden of the burial on my shoulders and as God will have it, I successfully bore the burden to the glory of God.’ 

Speaking on Kingsley, he said ‘I have never seen a person with so great hatred and animosity against my father like Kingsley. At the slightly opportunity, he will always speak ill and evil of my father. The bitterness and Kingsley has for my father, even after death, is unquantifiable and beyond description. Just the mention of my father’s name to both of them stirs up anger and rage in them. They can never stand where my father is being praised. They take delights in speaking ill and evil of my father. For Comfort Kaka, her hatred and anger against my father stems from the wrong notion that it was my father that made our mother to abandon their father, Late Captain Biagba Kaka, when he was sick and paralyzed. But Kingsley’s hatred and bitterness for my father is something nobody, not even himself, can explain.’

He said further ‘Kingsley is two years older than me. As a boy, my father enrolled him in the then prestigious Nana Primary School in Warri G. R. A. Right from primary one, Kingsley was very dull. His results were always terrible. He seldom attended classes while in school. From the moment he arrived school, he will always sneak out of classes

 to the food stand to eat food while others are in class.’

He accused Kingsley of being found of eating beans. ‘He was always caught in the mama beans place during school hours. My dad was often invited to his school where his teachers wiould tell my dad of how he never stayed in class. My dad continued to discipline him, to the extent, that he was asked to stay home whenever he returns from school. But for Kingsley, home was never a place for him. He was found of staying outside mingling with street boys who were never interested in education like himself. From a very tender age Kingsley started staying out and sleeping in others’ homes. My dad and I will normally go out late in the night searching for him in places where he suspected he is likely to be.’

He said  while they were at Ekpen in Ashewaya compound by the waterside in Okere, Warri, Kingsley, as a young boy, he was found of sleeping in Shainomi’s place, a mud house, where he often slept on Kutu’s grave among goats.

He said ‘My dad would usually wonder how he could choose to leave a block house for a mud house and to be sleeping with goats on someone’s grandmother’s grave’.

He said from his childhood, Kingsley was a child that brought the family much disgrace.

The community accused him of being a social misfit who has no respect for culture and tradition.

‘Time and age never changed Kingsley. What changed to Kingsley was the various modes of misconduct that he adopted at different times and situations or places. He was notoriously known as Emakpo Oleren by the Itsekiris among whom he grew up in Okere and as Emakpo Oge among the Urhobos wherever we live. As he grew into youth, he became part of a people terrifying Warri then.’

He said Kingsley turned to contracts. ‘He printed complimentary cards as a contractor, a supplier of sands, gravel, and other building materials. Somehow he received contracts for supply of sands and blocks from some individuals, who had no knowledge of his person. Even as a supplier, Kingsley embarked on misconduct concerning people’s sands and blocks left at their building sites. He recruited a lot of young men who became part of this gang and did many bad things, invading people’s building sites at nights.

He said it became known that this was his new line of mischief, stealing when he was caught and handed over to police on several occasions.

 ‘Because of his habits, he was charged  by the police. My father diabolically rescued him from. He has been arrested countless times and reminded to Warri Okere Prisons. The records are there in A Division Police Station, Warri, Avenue Police Station, Warri, and others, and the Warri Prisons for those who want to confirm.

‘When he could no longer continue his nefarious activities in Warri, he relocated to Ekpan, where he was seldom known. But not long he became known again as a confirmed in Ekpan. Whenever he had successfully carried out his nefarious activities regarding supplied building materials, he usually spent the  money on women.

He is a drunk.’

The brother said ‘Kingsley would walk from the beginning of Ekpan to almost its end with a bottle of Chelsea in his hands, drinking as he staggered home drunk to the one-room apartment he rented in Ekpan. Soon he became known as Padi Padi, a famous character in then NTA Benin program Hotel the Jordan. This was a notorious name he bore from Warri. Somehow, the youths in Ekpan started calling him thus. It’s really amazing how they knew this name. While at Ekpan he became a member of the Ekpan Youth, where he started having access to some companies in Ekpan and the NNPC, Ekpan – Warri, under the leadership of the then Unuewvodo of Ekpan, Late Chief Agbofodoh, the father of Late Chief Newton Agbofodoh.’

He said the appointment into Ekpan Youth leadership gradually transformed the youths of Ekpan into the notorious youth they became known for.

‘Ekpan had never had that kind of youths until Kingsley arrived and introduced them to most of the violent activities they were later known for. When Chief Newton’s father died, he was one of those who encouraged Newton to become the next Unuewvodo. This was because they were all members of a cartel known as G8 and Kingsley was their special adviser. As their special adviser, he was also the Liaison officer between the Police and the Youth and the community. Whenever he was asked to go liaise between the Police and the community, he would normally extort money from the community by asking for outrageous amount of money for settlement with the Police. He continued this act of theft, stealing from the youths and community, until he was discovered by Henry Baron, the younger brother of Late Chief Newton Agbofodoh. He was then suspended for sometimes until he was restored again.’

He said Kingsley does not appreciate people who assist him.

‘When he worked with the then Governor of Delta, His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan, as his boy, he made everyone around him to believe that Governor Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan never empowered him financially. His personal hatred for the Itsekiris made him to campaign against the former Governor, Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan, as he went everywhere telling people that an Itsekiri man can never rule Delta State. He sided with Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, who was then the Secretary to the State Government, whom he also jilted when he embezzled 20 million Naira given to him for the Senator. Kingsley is a cunning and crafty person who knows nothing about integrity, dignity and loyalty. There is nobody that Kingsley cannot betray for his selfish ambition. He is out for the highest bidder.’

He said there are seven concrete, verifiable reasons why the supposed Mr. Kingsley Emakpo Orereh cannot be the Ovie of Agbarha Warri Kingdom. He listed the reasons thus:

The first reason is that Kingsley is not the biological son of Late Chief Sign E, Orereh, as he is claiming and making people to believe..       

The second reason why Kingsley cannot be the Ovie of Agbarha Warri Kingdom is because Kingsley hasa questionable character. He is also a stark illiterate, who can neither read nor write

The third reason is that Kingsley is not reliable

The fourth reason why Kingsley cannot be the Ovie of Agbarha Warri kingdom is that he is a confirmed mischief from childhood till date. Kingsley has never stop stealing from people.

The fifth reason why Kingsley cannot be the Ovie of Agbarha Warri kingdom is because he is a deceiver and a liar

The sixth reason why Kingsley cannot be the Ovie of Agbarha Warri kingdom is because he is irresponsible. Kingsley is 56 years old. For these 56 years Kingsley has never once married and he has never once fathered a child in his entire life.

 The other  obvious reason is that Kingsley can no longer act as my father’s firstborn son. To this, his elder brother, Benson Kaka insisted that Kingsley would not accept to be called Kingsley Biagba Kaka, even though he knows that he is the fifth and last child and third son of their father,

The seventh reason why Kingsley cannot be the Ovie of Agbarha Warri Kingdom is that Kingsley is a thug and hooligan. His track records from childhood till date do not befit this highly exalted office of a king – the Ovie of Agbarha Warri kingdom.

He wrote in the conclusion: ‘The desperation that the supposed Mr. Kingsley Emakpo Orereh, who is truly Mr. Kingsley Biagba Kaka, has displayed thus far ought to be a sign to all the people of Agbarha and the Government of Delta State that we are about to enthrone a monster, a violent character, who, in all the true sense of the word, is capable of inciting violence and creating crisis in Warri and its environs. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. We, the Ovie community and the true biological children and grandchildren of Late Chief Sign E. Orereh, are  appealling to the Delta State Government that their proposed plan to give the impostor, Mr. Kingsley Emakpo Orereh, should be shelfed and suspended indefinitely for the verifiable reasons presented above. We are counting on the good judgment of our amiable Governor, His Excellency, Rt. Hon Sheriff F. O. Oborevwori, and his executive council to ensure that this abomination of enthroning a total stranger on the throne of the Ovie of Agbarha Warri kingdom is aborted.’

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