How Peter Obi Was Arrested, Datained And Deported To Nigeria

-Ayo Osunloye

The only information available for now is that Obi was detained at London airport for a few days, interogated by security agencies, and deported back to Nigeria. He was not granted entry into the UK.

One thing is Crystal clear here, If the security report against him is not damning enough, the UK government would not have exposed herself to the huge inherent legal liability involved in deporting a personality in the mould of Peter Obi who is a presidential candidate in a just concluded election in Nigeria.

Ordinarily, arresting Obi and charging him to court in the UK may have been the right course of action. But, such an action is likely to escalate the already volatile situation in Nigeria. As usual of the already frustrated Obidients movement will impinge the wrong political motive into it. They will blame everybody except Peter Obi they have idolized. The UK is very aware of this delicate balance. So, in their wisdom, he was deported back to Nigeria quietly.

Even though the nature of Obi’s misdemeanour and the damning security reports against him is yet to be made public, his ordeal at London airport may be a death knell on his future political aspirations. This is another bitter pill for the Obidients to swallow.

As the situation stands, it is extremely doubtful if any European Country or America can grant Obi entry visa to travel abroad. Simply because the security reason behind his deportation must have been shared globally.

Obi himself knows that he has been damned. This explains why he quickly issued a strong disclaimer against the fake news that the UK government has issued an apology for his detention and deportation. This disclaimer may signify that he was made to sign certain undertaken with UK government before he was released.

One of the likely fall out of this is that Obi is likely to be less visible in the public domain. His constant appearances at Arise TV will dwindle if not avoided altogether.

Howbeit there is nothing hidden that will not come abroad. It is just a matter of time. Before then, we keep our fingers crossed.

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