Ibadan Explosion: Group says response of Yoruba politicians, traditional rulers a disgrace

“Current occupiers of Yoruba political and cultural institutions worst in history”

By Abdul Aje

The apathy of Yoruba politicians and traditional rulers to the explosion at Ibadan on Tuesday is a disgrace to the people, a Pan Yoruba group has said.

The group accused them of failing the entire Yoruba Nation.

Apapo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) said the explosion in Ibadan, Oyo State is an indication that the leaders represent the worst set of leaders in Yoruba history

The Apapo O’Odua Koya, AOKOYA statement went viral on Saturday. Irohinoodua saw a copy.

The group said since the explosion, neither Yoruba traditional rulers nor politicians have visited the cite while they have failed to show deep concern expected from responsible leaders.

“Both the Senator and House of Rep that represent the Bodija constituency have not visited the area as we speak.”

Ibadan is the political headquarters of Yoruba Nation. There is no Yoruba family from Lagos through Kwara, Kogi to Itsekiriland that does not have a family member living in Ibadan. The explosion was an assault on Yoruba heritage. But as we speak, Yoruba Senators, House of Representatives, State Governors have not visited the site not to talk of giving the required support to victims. This is the height of irresponsibility on the part of these self acclaimed leaders, AOKOYA said in a statement signed by Col. Abimbola Sowunmi (rtd) and Ahmed Korede

AOKOYA said compared with Northern politicians and Emirs, Yoruba political class are callous, irresponsible, self-driven and rabidly anti people.

The group said the growing gap between Yoruba elected representatives and the people they claim to lead is responsible for the very low turn out of voters across Yorubaland.

“It’s a shame. Yoruba know those who claim to lead the traditional institutions and the political space are not for them. They are for themselves.”

The group recalls the swift response of Northern political leaders to the Kaduna drone attack that killed Northerners.

Senators from the northern part of Nigeria donated N58 million to families of the victims of accidental military drone airstrike in Tudun Biri village, Kaduna.

The Chairman of the Northern Senators Forum (NSF), Abdul Ningi, led a delegation to visit the victims and donated N58m. The Northern Senators also donated 109m jointly from their salary.

The Northern caucus in the House of Representatives donated N48m. These happened within few hours after the incidence.

The Kaduna mistaken drone strike was raised in the National Assembly prompting immediate very serious concern.

The Sultan of Sokoto also donated money while many Northerm Emirs and religious leaders in the North paid visits immediately after the blast and took decisive decisions with the Sultan promising to ensure justice.

“Where are the true Yoruba leaders? This incidence has further exposed them. Days after the Ibadan deaths, nothing tangible has been done by those who claim to represent Yoruba in politics and in culture. They have not caused the National Assembly to intervene and none has visited to donate money or blood to the victims.”

AOKOYA said the Yoruba traditional rulers and politicians this weekend were sighted attending parties and visiting their girl friends while many of them were hosting various social events without a heart for Ibadan and the victims killed in the most cruel manner.

“There is a tragedy of leadership in Yorubaland. The worst set of traditional rulers and politicians currently sit on the seat of power. They have no sense of history. They have no agenda for the Yoruba Nation. They are in power for personal gains and for profit. They are happy to feed on the misery and agony of Yoruba people.”

AOKOYA said Nigeria can never produce the right leadership for Yoruba people but the worst among the people.

“We reinterate our commitments to Yoruba Nation. We urge Yoruba people all over the world to support the on-going efforts for Yoruba Nation that will rid and purge Yoruba territory of street criminals and rogues who have seized the political and cultural space for profit.”

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