Ibadan explosion: Playing politics with the life of Yoruba Nation

By Moses Oludele Idowu

It takes courageous people to speak at this time in the midst of *an environment rife with confusion, double speak, political correctness.

Some people can continue to deceive themselves but soon, we shall all see what some of us have been warning Yorubas about for so long*.
Two years ago, I wrote an article that was widely celebrated titled *7 Fatal Delusions Among Southerners.* It was also published by The NEWS and other blogs.
The fears and concerns raised in that presentation are still not addressed till today among the Yorubas in particular and Southerners in general.
Yoruba politicians deceive themselves and they love to deceive themselves and their followers. We saw it at Ibadan yesterday when a Governor declared without any investigation that the explosion was caused by miners and by explosives.
How did he get this information?
Which investigation was carried out and by who?
What if it is not dynamite or miner’s explosive? What if it is a bomb?
At any rate, what is the difference between a bomb and a dynamite? A dynamite can also be used as a bomb. Essentially it is the same, just semantics.
The difference is the direction of impactdynamite goes down to cause an excavation and hole while bomb goes up with gas explosion to cause equilibrium because hot air ascends. They are essentially the same.
Dynamite as an explosive comprises blasting powder and nitroglycerin. This is what Stephen Mettler FBI Certified Firearms Instructor says: ” Dynamite too can be a bomb but a specific type of bomb. Semtex, C4 are specific types of explosives but are still bombs if used that way.”

So let us leave semantics alone. I do not see how a Governor who claims explosives, dynamite or miner’s explosive were responsible for the blasts is more justified than a citizen too who says it is bomb. At any rate, what are dynamite or explosives doing in the high brow residential areas of Bodija?

I have seen the devastation caused by the blasts and I laughed at the ignorance of some people. People who live as far as UI, Apete, Moniya, Sango etc., heard the deafening sounds and felt the effects. And you call this a dynamite? An explosive?

Look at the destruction caused. I have seen video clips of houses, storey buildings completely destroyed, without any hole on the ground. It is bombs that behave this way or high – caliber explosives.
I know something about Science and Civil Engineering and structures. Did you notice that the structures were routed completely with the entire compression members, the beams and columns (pillars) destroyed? What happened to the fire resistance of the structures? Every structure is designed by the engineer for a specific fire resistance in case of occasion like this.
Why couldn’t the compression members withstand the impact before failure or collapse? Even the World Trade Centre stood for almost 1 hour before collapse after the disabling impact of two passenger jets loaded with explosives. But the structures in Ibadan around the area of impact failed suddenly and completely, engineering structures don’t fail this way unless faced with the direct attack by a mighty explosive like a bomb.
Thus no one should rule out anything for now. No one should preclude anything or overlook anything unless there is a sinister agenda by anyone somewhere to pool wool over the eyes of people.
Let the investigation be done without any no-go areas. Free and unfettered investigation.

I have been warning the Yorubas for a long time to take security seriously. But someone wants to be a big brother, nice fellow, civilised…. Soon we shall all learn. I hope not too late.
Someone is trying to undermine Nigeria and Nigeria security. Someone, some group are working on a sinister ethnic/ religious agenda. It is hidden in plain sight but only the wise will see it.
The kidnappers now collect their ransom through the banks, they make phone calls to their victims and *yet the security agencies do not know them or where to get them

A cleric is canvassing publicly for bandits and amnesty for bandits and he knows where they are and even collect ransom on their behalf, yet the Army and Air Force and DSS do not know!!
The Baptist students that were kidnapped in Kaduna, the bandits knew the bank balances of their parents. How did they know this without collaboration from the top and having the information submitted to NCC?
So you see, some people are working towards an agenda. We know their history and religious history and the a leopard cannot change its spots.
That is Nigeria.
This is why Yorubas need to be careful and open their eyes. Don’t leave anything to chance. This is not the time for political correctness.
When you present all these information and clues they will tell you to go to Police and DSS and furnish them. If these organs were so effective, why are we still here? Why are we still living in insecurity? The information given to them in the past what, happened to them?
DSS submitted several intelligence reports to the Army that terrorists would strike Kuje Prison, what happened? 24 hours to the time of attack, all the soldiers around the Prison were withdrawn to the Barracks. It is documented. Wait for my book.
So, those who say go to the police, DSS and give them the information are not being sincere. That is the truth.
Yorubas should wake up. They want to divide the Yoruba land and it is certain that Ibadan would be the first place they will try to strike – the political capital of YORUBALAND. The terrorists knew what they were doing when they struck New York instead of Washington, the symbol of Western capitalism.
Yorubas wake up. Be wary of liars and confusionists always trying to play down everything and sow weaknesses causing irresolution. These are the real enemies of the Yoruba land, and they are neither scholars nor thinkers.
Wake up from your slumber. Watch your back.

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