If Erelu Bisi Fayemi is bad, who then is good?

If Erelu Bisi Fayemi is bad, who then is good?
By Segun Dipe
Throwing shade at what is shining ain’t gonna make you shine.
Funny, isn’t it? I never could have imagined that politics would make anyone derogate the virtues of a precious person like Erelu Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi. Should politics turn our mind against our best?
How would any Ekiti man or woman suddenly depreciate to such an unappreciative level in the name of political correctness, much that they could turn their blind eye to the virtuous ones in our land and regard them as carrier of vices?
I never imagined that someone who we regard as our role model and well rated as one of the best brains to have come out of Ekiti and Nigeria, would be so rocked to the bottom, maligned as a non-native, just to drive home some political point.
So, some souls can be so ungrateful that they must condemn what we all hold very dearly as our most precious jewel in the land?
So, anyone can dare to crucify an Erelu Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, the same person we all hailed as our female messiah in Ekiti in no distant past? Now she is being regarded as a meddlesome interloper in the affairs of a state she has laboured and still labouring to give a positive identity in the comity of states.
So, Erelu Fayemi is no longer our Queen Amina, the gender-based impresario, but has suddenly turned into a meddlesome interloper in the eyes of some fools?
So, Erelu Fayemi is no longer the Mother-General as we used to hail her, but an Efunsetan Aniwura, taking after the “brutal deadly Oyo female tyrant?”
So, Erelu Fayemi is no longer the esteemed First Lady that we used to celebrate but “the unofficial First Lady of Ekiti, an example of a power drunk individual?”
So, some people can dare to turn the women of Ekiti against their role model. So Erelu Fayemi doesn’t give our women succour again but should be seen as a sucker?
So, Erelu Fayemi, hitherto known as a peace lover who would not like to see anyone suffer and would ensure that justice is not only done but seen as done, is now “hell bent to discount the rule of law and enforcement of decorum…?”
So, Erelu Fayemi no longer has a stake in Ekiti and should now be tied to a stake for daring to be seen and addressed as an Ekiti woman who would ensure that only theĀ  best is good enough for the state?
So, Erelu Fayemi, the one raising the standard of our women in Ekiti and making them to see themselves as important, has suddenly turned “a deadly vulture?”
So the First Lady has no place in our midst again, she must therefore mind her business in her husband’s administration? Erelu, our irrepressible Mother General has suddenly become a meddlesome interloper in the Ekiti affair?
Who are those behind such pull-down habit? What is the spirit working in them at this crucial period? Why are they bent on giving us such names as ungrateful souls, fools, oponu gbagbe ise, abaramooreje… all because they want things to go their way politically? Must we destroy our best to have our way?
If we could dare to throw a precious person like Erelu Bisi Fayemi out for the vultures to prey on, who else can we embrace? If suddenly Erelu Fayemi has become the evil one in the eyes of some unscrupulous elements, who then is good?
It is awful! It is uncalled for, and it must be condemned by all well-meaning Ekiti sons and daughters. If we should allow these inconsequential ones to have their way, by slaughtering our best on the alter of selfish political interest, then we do not deserve to be addressed as a people with honour and pride any longer.
As for those incorrigible ones, nemesis must surely catch up with them. Sooner than later, they will stoop to lick back their vomit. There’s no two ways about that.
-Segun Dipe wrote from Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.

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