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Newsbreak: Burkina Faso foils coup attempt

By Ologeh Joseph

The military authorities in Burkina Faso have foiled a coup attempt.

The current Burkina Faso leaders led by Captain Ibrahim Traore came into power after overthrowing a pro-French government accused of fronting for imperialist forces.

The Army said the coup had been thwarted and arrests made.

The leaders accused the coup plotters of planning to plunge the country into anarchy.

Burkina Faso’s new military revolutionary leaders came after overthrowing the pupet regime.

The military said “Officers and other alleged actors involved in this attempt at destabilisation have been arrested and others are actively sought.”

The military spokesman for the ruling military Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo said normalcy has been restored in the West African country and that the coup to unseat power at Kosyam, the equivalent of the Presidential House has been thwarted.

The military government said it would seek to shed “all possible light on this plot” and that it regretted “that officers whose oath is to defend their homeland have strayed into an undertaking of this nature”.

The country’s military prosecutor later said that four people had been arrested and two were on the run.

Authorities said “credible allegations about a plot against state security implicating officers”, the prosecutor said.

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