Council of Yoruba Elders Inagurates Global Officials

Coucil of Yoruba Elders speak of freedom, sets up global executive council


I welcome you all to this yet another auspicious event in the course of the evolutionary trends moulding the destiny of Yoruba race.

On the 31st of August, 2023 this organization was formally established as the new central voice for the Yoruba people. Since then, two principal events have taken place thereafter namely;
a. The press conference event of 9th September, 2023 and
b. The powerful, highly impactful and viral press release which we made on 16th September, 2023.

Although from all indications, this organization is power-packed with great projections and actions, the fact, however, remains that whatever the high degree of impression we might be making to the public, those behind the actions yet are skeletal fraction of what the system should be. Thus, we have considered it very imperative to make a cohesive whole of the system by formally constituting the Global Executive Council comprising the officers in the homeland as well as those in the Diaspora.

Really, what has delayed the inauguration till today is our initial intended wish to ensure having all the available offices occupied by the people namely, the Executive Officers, the States Chairmen and the member of the several committees. But it lately dawned on us that big things always start small from where we can continue to thrive. Essentially, the fact is there that ensuring the occupations of the spaces might be dragging us too long. Hence, our resolve to make do with the much ground we have covered already without indulging in further procrastination.

Therefore, the appointment we have made so far are as follows:
a. Grand Patroness:
Our Grand-Patroness is Erelu (Dr. Chev.) Abiola Dosumu, The Erelu Kuti IV of Lagos and Yeye Oodua of the Source.

b. Executive Body:
At the level of the executive body, here are the officers on ground:

  1. President – Chief Adegboye Onigbinde – 08034030822
  2. Secretary-General – Dr. Victor Taiwo – 08126923916
  3. National Treasurer – Sir Alh. Hakeem Danmola – 09168777577
  4. National Financial Secretary – Papa Samuel Akinlagun – 08034055932
  5. National Publicity Secretary – Mr. Lanre Ogundipe (Former President, NUJ) – 08061261966
  6. Legal Adviser – Prince Bowofade Aderemi – 08023387833
  7. Administrative Secretary – Dr. Tope Taiwo – 09126643668
  8. Welfare Secretary – Mogaji Falade Anisere – 08123593777
  9. Social & Organising Secretary – Chief Oluseyi Alege – 08120464747
  10. Chairman Diaspora Affairs – Princess Dorcas Amusan-Fagborun, MBE – +447401222557
  11. Vice-Chairman Diaspora Affairs – OmoOba Olayemi Esugbayi Ajose – +447730332482
  12. Secretary Diaspora Affairs – Mr. Olusegun Ososanya – +17572773552
  13. Lagos-State Chairman – Sir Alh. Hakeem Danmola – 09168777577
  14. Ogun-State Chairman – Rev. Dr. Tola Osinubi – 08167728555
  15. Oyo-State Chairman – Prof. Asiwaju Adedibu Aderemi Abass – 08025501111
  16. Osun-State Chairman – Comrade Sunday Oladipupo – 08037573214
  17. Ondo-State Chairman – Sir Clement Fayomi – 08083006060
  18. Kwara-State Chairman – Sheikh Abdulraheem Aduranigba – 08034457321
  19. Delta-State Chairman – Dr. Francis Anomu – 08054316259

c. The Committees:
We have the following people as the Chairmen of some of the Committees on ground:

  1. Chairman Education Committee – Emeritus Prof. Tunde Bewaji (+18768051905)
  2. Chairman Security Committee – Barr. Bola Longe (AIG Rtd.) (08077034443)
  3. Chairman Women Affairs Committee – Chief Mrs. Simisade Kuku (+17622003385)
  4. Chairman Public Awareness & Mass Mobilization Committee – Mr. Muhammed Babatunde Aliyu (08035065686)
  5. Chairman Mediation & Reconciliation Committee – Elder Dr. Taiye Ayorinde (08097777803)
  6. Chairman Tourism Committee – Mr. Toluwalase M. Akinlagun (08052602548)
  7. Chairman Tactics & Strategy Committee – Mr. Toriola Wale Olusegun (08033784804)
  8. Chairman Industry & Employment Committee – Hon. Asiwaju Adedeji Babatunde Abiodun (08077576604)
  9. Chairman Religious Harmony – Bishop Prof. Adegbolagun George (08103144729)
  10. Chairman Investment Committee – Prof. Olukayode Ogundoro (07030709244)
  11. Chairman Finance & Economic Planning Committee – Deacon Samson Segun Olalere (08023451808)
  12. Chairman Urban & Regional Committee – Arc. Surv. Richard Sunday Ajayi (08034735656)

Other Committees to be filled are:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Sports
  3. Health
  4. Petroleum Resources
  5. Solid Minerals
  6. Political Affairs
  7. Works & Transport
  8. Judiciary
  9. Science & Technology
  10. Investments
  11. Aviation & Space
  12. Youth Development
  13. Arts & Culture
  14. Fund-raising Committee

Thus, while we solicit the engagements of more experts in the various fields yet unoccupied, we plead that the experts that have already signified their interests for service in the already engaged committees should join forces with the Chairman of the respective Committees. For example, all those who have registered for the Education Committee can always link up with the Emeritus Prof. Tunde Bewaji via his phone number as specified above.

And any interested citizens who want to be part of the journey can always contact the Secretary-General on 08126923916.

This aside, the Committee Chairmen are respectively implored to go extra miles in searching from both gown and town contemporary experts in their fields to be incorporated into their committees.

The essence of the Committees is this:
One of our principal thrusts in this organization is to heavily and forcefully campaign for the restructuring of the country which we believe we are going to achieve with grim determination.

But why the forceful aspiration, you might ask.

Let me hereby re-couch my presentation at the event of our maiden press conference of 9th September, 2023.

The worst political fatality that befell this country was the misadventure of Aguiyi Ironsi into the political space of Nigeria in 1996 when he repugnantly injected unitary system into our governance. This summarily terminated the rapid developments running across the country by the effect of the healthy competition among the regions most especially during the era of the great triad of Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe and Alhmadu Bello. This era was the best of eras we ever had in this country.

Since we were plunged into the tragedy of all the states now looking up to the center alone to share oil money, the beginning of our deluge from which up to now and forever we may never get redeemed. It is, therefore, needless beating about the bush why some parts of Nigeria including our own Yoruba people have come to the conclusion that the best bet is for the country to dissolve into some sorts of units towards their respective sovereignties.

As I said in my address in question, while we are not grudging, condemning or chastising this school of thought, we as elders, however, cannot afford to tow a hard line or being confrontational in our quest and approach more especially when we have our son directing the affairs of the country presently.

This was why we considered adopting the other side of the divides – that we make our demand for return to the era of true federalism that will allow for regional system of government which all humans with their right senses will agree to be the best for all the sections of the country towards renewed developments.

Thus, by the time we achieve this, we want to let the world know that we are ready for the challenge of governance, economic viability, solvency and sustenance. Hence, the commissioning of the committees into producing a powerful governance blueprint in anticipation.

Moving away from this end, we need to let the world know the line-up of our agenda:

  1. We need to put up a very good constitution.
  2. We need to effectuate the corporate registration of the organization.
  3. We need the acquisition of a befitting office as secretariat.
  4. We need to equip the office.
  5. We need to service the secretariat for unfettered operations and other sundry matters
  6. We need a couple of operational vehicles.
  7. We need to launch the states and Diaspora chapters.
  8. We need to financially empower the various committees as already spelt above.
  9. We need to connect with all the major nationalities in the country for ignition into traction the campaign for and coordination of the restructuring project under the auspices of ‘National Restructuring Conference’.
  10. We have perfected plans to give a civic reception to the president and all political office holders of Yoruba extraction so we can table our demands before them.
  11. We need to put our various youth and security-inclined organizations to task and deploy them into assisting the country’s security operatives in combing our towns, cities and forests for the removal of the criminal elements.

We, therefore call on all well-meaning Yoruba sons and daughters across the world to join forces with us in this endeavors.

Together we shall lift Yoruba race aloft.

Thank you very much.

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