Newsbreak: FG uncovers 54 funders of IPOB, traces N288m cash to Biafra campaign

Govt may freeze accounts linked to IPOB

By Alao Ajayi

The Federal Government has traced some N288m to the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, (IPOB). The amount represents an average of what IPOB receives every month from donors.

The discovery was made by the Nigerian Financial Intelligece Unit, (NFIU).

The agency also identified 54 individuals across the world responsible for providing money for IPOB.

Majority of them live in the United Kingdom, United States and Ireland.

The N288m discovery, experts say, is an indication that the Igbo group and Biafra campaign is a multi-million project and that the organisation is well established financially.

Sources told Irohinoodua that the Federal Government may freeze the accounts linked to IPOB while the sponsored may be put on watch list.

IPOB insist it is not a terrorist organisation but fighting for self determination according to the United Nations, UN Charter.

IPOB is calling for a sovereign state for Biafra. Nigeria fought a civil war between 1967 and 1970.

Biafra is a reenactment of the struggle for largely Igbo South East self determination movement

The Nigerian government also identified 27 IPOB cells across UK, Europe and the United States and in other 19 countries.

The Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit also uncovered 27 cells belonging to the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra in 22 countries across the globe, including the United State of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Of the discovery cells,UK has the highest with seven cells while the US has six

In the NFIU report on “Counter Terrorism Financial Newsletter,” the agency said it has bee working deligently to unfold activities of IPOB abroad and their sponsors

NFIU said is confirmed that “the diaspora affiliates of the IPOB group have spread over 22 countries across the globe. Further analysis exposed 27 entities across the globe registered in the name of the group, the US and the UK had the highest number of registrations, having seven and six registered entities, respectively.

The report further stated “The analysis further indicates that the group has several bank accounts in different countries where funds are being received from various contributors with the narrations ‘Monthly Dues, Services and for ESN’, among others, then later disbursed for various operations.

“It was confirmed that one of the major sources of revenue for the group is crowdfunding by several individuals abroad, mostly Nigerians.

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