Newsbreak: Kano reinstates Sanusi II Kano Emir

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

The Kano State Government has reinstated the ousted Emir of Kano Lamido Sanusi.

In what appears the full incursion of politics into agelong tradition Sanusi was reinstated by the government of Governor Abba Yusuff who won the 2023 Gubernatorial election under the banner of New Nigeria Peoples’ Party, (NNPP)

As at this morning the Emir of Kano was Bayero

Irohinoodua was informed that others
the decision was followed by the Kano State House of Assembly’s decision to dethrone the current Emir and also dismantle the four new Emirates in the State established under a controversial 2019 law.

Irohinoodua as informed that Sanusi will take over as the new Emir today.

Sources said “So certainly with the passage of the Bill, Sanusi automatically stands reinstated. No need for confirmation, the thing to is wait for the Governor to assent to it.”

Another source said the decision was also political to stabb former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje who had removed Sanusi and installed Bayero

Muhammadu Sanusi II, also known as Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, was the Emir of Kano, one of Nigeria’s most prominent traditional and religious positions. Born on July 31, 1961, Sanusi is an economist and former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He became Emir of Kano in June 2014 but was deposed in March 2020 by the Kano State government, a move widely seen as politically motivated.

Sanusi is known for his progressive views and outspoken stance on social and economic issues, including the need for educational reforms, women’s rights, and economic development. His deposition sparked significant controversy and discussions about the role of traditional rulers in modern Nigeria.

As of today Sanusi was reinstated as the Emir of Kano. This reinstatement marks a significant development, highlighting his enduring influence and the continued relevance of traditional leadership in Nigeria’s sociopolitical landscape.

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