Newsbreak: Tinubu speaks on certificate, family background

By Omolade Adegbiyi

President Bola Tinubu has spoken about his educational certificates and his family background.

He spoke while meeting some professionals and party loyalists.

In a video made available to Irohinoodua the President indicated he was not moved by the pile of lies and propaganda mounted against him.

Tinubu said he is from the famous Tinubu family adding that if his critics wanted a DNA, he was ready.

He said there was no controversy about his consistent date of birth adding that the date of birth is in the family records.

“My record is consistent” Tinubu said.

He posited that those who went to the Chicago State University, CSU are now convinced that they had wasted their time.

“They are now convinced they wasted their money”

He said he was not claiming another family that that “I’m not claiming another family. I’m Tinubu and Tinubu proper.”

He said he was trained as an accountant and rose to the pinnacle of his career.

He said he was delighted that he has now received the originals of his Diploma certificate.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Presidential aspirant in the February 25 election, Atiku Abubakar had filed a lingering cade in the United States Court challenging the educational background of the President. The CSU had released the results detailing that the President actually attended the University.

Even with evident conviction based on the CSU reports, opposition agents continue to distort, manipulate and undermine the CSU report citing fake and fallacious references not associated with the CSU in a desperate bid to undermine the President’s authority.

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