Niger-Delta indigenous people rally support for PINL, urge President Tinubu to renew contract

By Samuel Ogunsona

Thousands of people in Gbokoda in the Niger Delta region rallied on Saturday with a call to President Bola Tinubu to extend the contract of Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited, PINL.

The people that came from several Niger-Delta communities gathered in Gbokoda in Warri North Local Government Area (LGA), of Delta state urging the Presidency to extend the contract to the pipeline protector group.

The communities said the PINL has brought peace and sustainable development to the people of the Niger-Delta.

“The company has brought honour to the people of the Niger-Delta. It has helped save oil theft, prevented criminal gangs and has given jobs to our people” their leaders said in interviews with journalists.

The area produces oil which is Nigeria’s economic mainstay.

The group said only Pipeline Infrastructure Company has guaranteed the safety of crude oil and ensured greater oil production in the Niger Delta region.

Speaking to Journalists, Prince Sunny Fregene, one of the community members, who said that PINL brought environmental dignity to the region argued that Gbokoda community has experienced a significant turnaround since the operations of PINL.

He said, “The voice of man they said is the voice of God. What we are saying is that we want this contract to be renewed for the benefit of Niger-Delta communities. The NNPC has to do this because the company has been tested and trusted by the communities.
They have been doing the job for these past years since 2018 without any problem with the communities who are proud of them.”

Another community leader Edema Ogbodo said “These people are workers, the ones you can see here. Some of them are on the pipeline working. They are working for survival and this very project has been noble. The contract has been able to sustain a lot of people and if you look very well, if you look beyond, you are going to see that this very contract has been able to reduce criminal activities in the Niger Delta, mostly in this region drastically to the nearest minimum. We are urging NNPC, President Tinubu to help renew this contract for our people. We want this contract to remain with us. This is the contract we use to sustain the men and women and families in the community. We use it to sustain the old and young in the community, everybody is happy that the job has been taken to their doorstep instead of going to the towns to look for jobs. If this contract is not renewed and those people are now in the labour market, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. So please, all we are saying is that please renew this contract for us,”he said

Speaking on the situation, Edmond Gbiaye, member of the host community, who is also one of PINL patrol team in the region said the job in the region has given a lot of hope to individuals in the community and many other benefits.

“We have been working on this job for almost six years and the work is going on fine and the job is done successfully. We don’t want any intruder to come in to disturb us, pertaining to this work because this work is giving communities in the Niger-Delta some benefits like the light in the air is through this work that the government brought.

He said the people need the work to go on adding that the communities do not need any intruder to come and stop against thework.

Others community leaders who spoke to our correspondent praises PINL for its professionalism and efficiency. Some oil company workers who do not wish to be named said PINL has distinguished itself in preventing oil theft and in corporate responsibilities in various areas that address the essential needs to local communities.

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