Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline excites Arab leaders

Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline excites Arab leaders

“We are not totally consulted” Niger Delta leader

By Samuel Ogunsona

Arab leaders are excited about the on-going gas pipeline expected to run from Nigeria to Morroco, the North African country.

The project is expected to strengthen ties between Nigeria and other Arab nations apart from Morroco which is the primary beneficiary. Europe is also anxious about the project especially due to the fluctuating prices of gas across the world.

King Mohammed VI of Morroco already said the project will promote integration in Africa and that his country is exited about the multi billion dollar project.

But environmentalists and leaders of indigenous peoples are worried that the project lack Environmental Impact Assessement,(EIA) while concerns about the plight of indigenous peoples in the Niger-Delta have been raised.

The Chairman, Egbesu Supreme Assembly, Chief Were Digifa told Irohinoodua that the people of the Niger-Delta have not been adequately consulted on the gas project expected to serve Arab nations and Europe in a multi-billion dollar venture.

“The people of the Niger Delta are kept in the dark. We want to know more about the project. Our people, the owners of the oil and gas should not be undermined,” Digifa said adding that the people of the Niger Delta have for long been pushed to the back bench in managing their resources by the Government

President Mohammadu Buhari had approved the project early in June this year but with less publicity.

The pipeline will take gas from Nigeria criss crossing 13 African countries including the main depot in Morocco before linking up with and then to Spain and Europe.

Morroco leader, King Mohammed VI made reference to the project as one of the most significant economic tower his country is currently involved.

He said the project will help many African countries to be less dependent on Gas from abroad.

The Moroccan Minister of Economy and Finance Fouzi Lekjaa who spoke in Rabat at the conference for the African Forum of Foreign Investors (ASIF) on Monday, said the Moroccan King sees the venture as one of the most profound.

“We can also point to the exerted efforts to accelerate financial integration in the continent, as well as projects aiming to enforce the continent’s energy efficiency such as the huge gas pipeline linking Morocco and Nigeria,” the King said.

The Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline is expected to stretch 7,000 km.

It is planned to be one of the world’s longest offshore pipelines.

It will also take gas to Spain and Europe through Morocco, after arriving in the North African kingdom.


An excited King Mohammed VI had laid the foundation for the project in December 2016 during a visit to Abuja.

The  feasibility study began in May 2017 and it is expected to cost millions of dollars.

The project has the full backing of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

The design is expected to be completed soon while it will practically take off in months.

Many international partners are interested in the project which is tied to the economy of many countries in North Africa and Europe.

Gas is in high demand across Europe and Africa. The Ukraine-Russia war had complicated the challenge with many homes in Europe caught with extremely high prices.

The Nigeria-Morroco Gas project, analysts said will be one of the greatest investments in Africa and Europe.

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