Nigerian Politics: A science without standard operating procedure

NIGERIAN POLITICS: A Science Without Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Adekoya, Abimbola Julius

The behavior of political elites in Nigeria has made me to realize that politics should not be classified as a science as defined by the fathers of political science.

Aristotle, who is traditionally referred to as the father of Political Science, considered Politics as the master of all sciences or the supreme science. Similarly, Sidgwik and Bryce considered Politics as a science. But certain other persons like Maitland denied that Politics is a science.

Science may be defined as “a body of systematized knowledge”. In science there is what we call standard operating procedure (SOP) which is a guide to the systemic ways of doing things and the expected results.

The recent game of politics in Nigeria has proven that in politics, especially in Nigeria, there is no standard operating procedure.
The same system does not always give the same result.

Making a man your political son, personal assistant or political investment does not guarantee a peaceful return in kind or cash.

The political fathers are not exonerated because some of them are too possessive hence causing their mentees to turn against them.

I remembered the late Bola Ige of blessed memory who said that he would not curse or speak evil of a man he has once referred to as a leader. Instead, he adopted “Siddon Look” approach.

In politics, the procedures are not always systemic. The man you brought up with your resources can later turn to be a thorn in your flesh. A man perceived to be a saint can overnight become a Lucifer.

Do you all remember that late Chief Lamidi Ariyibi Adedibu told Chief Rashidi Ladoja that he can only be a good politician if he can tell lies, kill and stand by it?

I wonder what Dr Orji Uzor Kalu is thinking about his former associate Dr Theodore Orji.

We recently read the testimony of a political prodigal son of Lagos Island about Asiwaju Tinubu.

The role played by the late Alao Akala during the removal of his boss, Chief Rashidi Ladoja is still fresh in the memory.

The Ganduje and Kwankwanso episode is also a case study.

We can see the entropic movement of Engr. Segun Oni from one party to another in search of a platform.

Layi Mohammed should be asked how is the market in Kwara State politics.

We will still read the book on Oshinmole and his political son.

Why is Aregbesola’s behaviour towards Asiwaju Bola Tinubu becoming strange to the onlookers? We should know that politics is not mathematics.

The result of the political game between Prof Yemi Osinbajo and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu should not come to us as a shock because in politics anything is possible.

In politics, they use all weapons available to fight for power. Campaign of calumny, hanging treason and murder case on political opponents to have an edge, are few things you cannot predict before joining the game.

My little experience in politics within my profession has taught me the difference between being a Medical Laboratory Scientist who was taught that when an acid is added to a base, a colour change is expected and being a politician who should be prepared for the unexpected all the time.

I saw the actions of friends who I had respect for, throwing caution to the winds in the name of politics.
I was shocked to see the way the truth was twisted for personal gain. I was tempted to fall into the belief that politics is dirty and should be left for the despostic to do.

I saw a friend in the village who came in from Lagos to launch a campaign for his political ambition.
Everybody in the village rushed to hail him to high heaven while the innocent man was throwing his hard earned money at them.

Immediately he left the scene, people started saying that he will never win any election in the town because of what his father did.
Haba, I was amazed and asked why they did not tell him and stop him from wasting resources. The unanimous response was that “That is politics for you”.

Indeed, politics is a game of scheming, deception and manipulation.

I remembered what my mother told me that the only person that will get to heaven is the person selling what we call “Ewa Adalu” (bean mixed with corn). This is because whatever you see in the bean, stone, hair, paper should be taken as a part of the constituents since it was called “ADALU” (mixture).

Therefore, politics especially in Nigeria, should be referred to as “ADALU POLITICS”.


  • Adekoya, Abimbola Julius

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