Ojola-python-slept on bed all night with Delta Varsity Students

Ojola-python-slept on bed all night with Delta Varsity Students

The girls discovered the strange visitor at dawn

By Abiodun Ojo

Ojola, one of the largest reptile species has slept on a bed all night at a female hostel in Delta State.

Students of Novena University, Ogume, in the Ndokwa West Local Government Area of Delta State woke up around 5.30am to discover a python has been lying on the bed all night, Irohonoodua learnt on Tuesday.

Ndokwa is also home to Olukunmi, a sub ethnic Yoruba group in Delta State

The female students screamed, running helter skelter to escape.

But the school authority sad they cannot do anything. The snake they claim is part of the Ndukwa agelong tradition. They claim the snake is harmless.

The awed female students found the snake recoiled on an empty bed all night having entered the hostel in a manner mysterious to the ladies.

“The snake is so big. We woke up very early to discover that the snake had occupied the bed all night. We never new the occupant of the bed was absent and that the snake was a guest on the bed” Stella Orolu, a student told our correspondent.

She said the students ran out of the hostel, some half naked.

But the school said the snake is part of the tradition of the community. In the area mentioned, locals do not eat snakes. This may have emboldened the snakes to develop trust among humans.

Mr Emmanuel Odishika, who is the image maker of the University said the snake is harmless.

“The community has a sacred snake and from time to time students run into it, but it does not hurt anybody.

“The university is over 16 years old, founded in 2005, and since then, the snake never hurt anybody. The snake is not harmful.
“We usually give students orientation whenever we admit new students; older students don’t panic because they are aware of it. We cannot restrict the snake’s movement.”

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