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Our Encounter With Peter Obi shows he Does not understand the Problem of Nigeria

Our Encounter With Peter Obi shows he Does not understand the Problem of Nigeria

By Tony Nnandi


We have engaged Peter Obi repeatedly on this subject (of Nigeria) since 2012 whilst he was still the Governor of Anambra State.

For reasons that we cannot fathom, he does not believe that the Constitution is the problem.

He seems unwilling to even sit down to understand why those who are in a much better position to know would be pointing at the Constitution of Nigeria (and therefore the System and Structure of Nigeria) as the Chief Problem of Nigeria, from which flows all other Problems including Bad Leadership and Corruption.

He believes Nigeria’s problem is simply that of Bad Leadership.

For him to come to National TV and dismiss so cavalierly, the Main Contention* of those who have carefully diagnosed the problem and worked for over 20 Years on the Solution Paradigm that begins with the wholesale Decommissioning of that Constitution, was to say the least, an affront on the long-running Campaign to Decommission that Constitution, particularly the NINAS Alliance.*

To let us into the gravity of the matter at hand, the Caliphate Proprietors of Master-Servant Nigeria have been defeated by the NINAS’ Defeat of their Chief-Enabling instrument – the 1999 Constitution.

The only window of escape open to that Caliphate right now is to EITHER surrender honourably so that we can all go into a TRANSITIONING to rework the Damaged Constitutional Basis of Nigeria OR to plunge on arrogantly to a humiliating defeat and routing.

The hawks of the Caliphate, including elements like Hakeem Baba Ahmed, chose instead to take the gamble of dragging the rest of Nigeria to another Round of National Elections in 2023 under the 1999 Constitution as a strategy to reinject some form life into that Constitution.*

In the face of the far reaching consequences of the December 16, 2020 activation of the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure, the 2023 Elections in Nigeria under the 1999 Constitution, will be lifeline therefore for the Caliphate*

Whether they realize it now or not, *what Peter Obi and all others from the South and Middle-Belt who are now railroading us all to Elections in 2023 under the 1999 Constitution are doing, is tantamount to providing that much-needed LIFELINE to that incapacitated and distressed Caliphate.*

Put differently, by helping provide a lifeline to the dying 1999 Constitution via the push to 2023 Elections under that Constitution, Peter Obi is helping save that Defeated Constitution and therefore providing the Fulani who should already be in full retreat by now, a lifeline.

*By dragging us to the 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution, the Political Merchants of the South and Middle-Belt are currently destroying the best chance we have to get rid of the Fulani Bloody Brigandage once and for all. They will be reason the Fulani may remain on our backs and necks.*

It is a pity that most of our People seem to have lost the capacity for critical thinking and even basic honesty as they speak dismissively about the Campaign to halt the Voyage to 2023 but one thing is certain: the Two Diametrically Opposed Campaigns to either TRUNCATE or PRESERVE the 1999 Constitution will go on, and remain on a Head-On Collision until something fatal happens to that Constitution, but our naivety, ignorance or dishonesty on the subject will come with huge Collateral Damages that could involve human carnage.

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