Port Harcourt based Nollywood actor, Henry among kidnappers killed in Lagos – IROHIN ODUA


Port Harcourt based Nollywood actor, Henry among kidnappers killed in Lagos

By Omolade Adegbuyi and Ologeh Joseph Chibu

A source in the security circle has revealed that a Nollywood actor, Henry Ode is among the nine people killed by the police in Lagos.

The armed men who were nine in number had invaded Ladipo in the Mushin area of Lagos when the police confronted and eliminated them.

Police said for close to one year, its intelligence unit had monitored the kidnappers who have been tormenting Lagos elite.

The source said many rich men and women in Lagos have been paying ransome in silence

A source put the funds raised by the criminals in the range of over N400m

“Ode is the ring leader. Though he is a popular film actor, but he is a hardened criminal. He uses Nollywood as cover up” the source hinted.

Irohinoodua was also informed that Ode’s gang members are all from outside Yoruba Nation.

“Ode recruited his own people who speak his own language” the source said adding that the kidnappers have an extensive ring of three layers.

He said some of them are involved in “One Chance”, a set of criminals that uses phony public buses to kidnap and extort commuters at gun point; armed robbers who specialise in robbing banks and private homes and specialises kidnappers who target the rich for ransome.

“Ode is the leader of the gang. Though nine of them have been killed, there is great suspicion that others are still at large”

The source praised the police for the professionalism attained on July 5 without any civilian casualty.

“The Lagos police remains the best. They lead by excellent example” the security expert said.

The armed crooks operate around the Ajao, Okota, Isolo, and Ladipo axis of Lagos State.

The police said
five AK-47 rifles and two SUV jeeps were recovered during the duel with the police.

Sources told Irohinoodua that intelligence operatives are investigating possible link of the kidnappers with rebel movements in some parts of the country.

Armed militants in Nigeria are known for raising funds by all means through kidnapping, bank and private homes robbery.

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