Prince Harry, Meghan in Nigeria for inspire 72-Hour tour

“I am 43 percent Nigerian” – Meghan

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

Early morning, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle touched down in Nigeria, kicking off their 72-hour tour in Nigeria. Although their journey began with a slight delay due to the unforeseen illness that befell the pilot which had to be substituted with an alternate pilot.

Meghan was believed to be excited visiting Nigeria for the first time in her life, a country DNA findings had linked to her ancestral origin.

The Royal family was seated in the luxurious first-class section of the Boeing 777 and were discreetly separated from other passengers by a curtain while enjoying their privacy as they embarked on their Nigerian adventure for the first time.

Top Government officials were already waiting for the couple who were touching down in Nigeria for the first time at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja

As soon as their flight touched down, other passengers were made to stay back while the Royal couple were escorted away in a row of tinted vehicle.

Meghan was spotted wearing black trousers and a brown jacket, while Harry followed closely behind in a stylish black jacket and trousers paired with an open-necked shirt.

Accompanied by their diligent security team and aides carrying their luggage, the duo made their way to the Transcorp Hilton, their home base during their stay in Abuja.

Their packed schedule includes a pivotal meeting with Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, scheduled for 12 noon at the Nigerian Defence Headquarters. Despite their fatigue from the journey, the couple will make time to connect with wounded soldiers at a military hospital in Kaduna before returning to Abuja for further engagements.

“After that they will travel to Kaduna to meet wounded soldiers at a military hospital there before returning to Abuja for other engagements,” Brigadier General Tukur Gusau revealed.

The visit holds special significance as it aims to shine a spotlight on the Invictus Games, a cause close to Prince Harry’s heart. Following his encounter with the Nigerian team and General Musa at last year’s competition in Dusseldorf, where he proudly declared Meghan’s support for Team Nigeria, the couple’s trip takes on added meaning.

Meghan’s personal connection to Nigeria adds an extra layer of resonance, as she discovered her Nigerian ancestry, revealing herself to be a Nigerian of “43 percent Nigerian” on her Spotify podcast Archetypes in 2022. Fondly bestowed with the name Amira Ngozi Lolo during her visit to the Nigerian team at the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, Meghan’s heritage adds a personal touch to the trip.

Their itinerary is packed with meaningful engagements, from visiting a local school to meeting injured service members at a military hospital. They’ll also attend a training session for the charity organization Nigeria: Unconquered, followed by a reception honoring military families.

The Duchess of Sussex will take center stage as she co-hosts an event on Women in Leadership alongside Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, director-general of the World Trade Organization, further emphasizing their commitment to empowering women globally.

As they continue their journey to Lagos on Sunday, the royal couple will immerse themselves in charitable activities, including attending a basketball camp with Giants of Africa and participating in a polo fundraiser for Nigeria: Unconquered.

While some meetings will remain private, the couple is set to engage with the public through a planned photocall, ensuring their message of resilience and inclusivity resonates far and wide. The Invictus Games, founded as a beacon of hope for injured and sick military personnel, will be at the forefront of their Nigerian tour, highlighting the power of sport to inspire and unite.

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