Revolution sweeps Senegal in a democratic way, New President-elect warns France against neo-colonialism

New President-elect warns France against neo-colonialism

-vows to end unjust oppression

May ask French soldiers to leave

By Samuel Ogunsona

A whirlwind of revolution is sweeping across Africa. This time, Senegalese has chosen a new President that thinks an end should come to French exploitation and brigandage in one of Africa’s most prominent countries.

The President-Elect, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, (44yr old) seems to be trailing the path of Mali, Bourkina Faso and Niger that have kicked out imperialist exploiters.

It seems certain that the wind is blowing across former French colonies that have endured decades of brutal and spineless exploitation and literary rape.

The new President has vowed to end the suffering, pains and agony of neocolonialism caused by French indirect rule in Senegal.

Faye who spoke in a viral video obtained by Irohinoodua while addressing his people said it is time to put an end to the circle of oppression and time for France to leave.

Bassirou Diomaye Faye is former tax collector and was little known until Sonko named him as his heir.

He is a practising Muslim who had been jailed on various charges, including defamation. The sentences are believed to be politically motivated.

He explained that France has continued to impose leaders on the people of Senegal, determine the nation’s political economy and significantly suppress the people of Senegal.

“It is high time for France to lift its nail off our neck and put an end to this unjust oppression, century of misery, human trafficking, colonization and neocolonialization that have caused this suffering. It’s time to put an end to this circle of oppression. It is time for France to leave us alone,” the new President said.

He said it is time for France to take a queue from its European neighbours and learn lessons from its own independence.

Faye who said France should learn from other European nations explained that there are many EU countries who are doing great globally without exploiting their colonies after colonization.

He explained “Germany is the leading economic power in Europe, significantly surpassing France which is ranked as the third of largest economic powers globally.:

He said Germany does not exploit any country.

“I can mention Italy, Spain who had colonies before but do not interfere or impose leaders on their colonies.

“On what ground does France believe they can continue to impose leaders on us and make choices on our behalf, this must come to an end.”

He urged African youths and leaders to unite and take back Africa from the hands of their oppressors who have caused so much agony to Africans.

“The emerging Africa, youths and diaspora all stand in unity to say No. It can not continue.

He said “This is France deals with Africa issues. Personally, we are not expecting anything from them. We do not want them to deal with our matters anymore so that the people of Senegal can exercise their freedom of choice rather than being influenced by France selection of candidates using the tactics we are all aware of.”

He spoke further “They begin by targeting individuals with honour or rank informing them to prepare themselves as they will be next in line.”

“This must come to an end because it will no longer matter again,” Faye said to the warm embrace of millions of supporters.

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