Severe flooding wreck havoc in Lagos, thousands displaced – IROHIN ODUA


Severe flooding wreck havoc in Lagos, thousands displaced

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

Lagos, Nigeria’s financial giant has been hit by torrential rains displacing thousands of residents.

The rain started at dawn but continued beyond mid-day.

Residents lament the loss of property and flooding of private and commercial homes.

As at press time, Irohinoodua has not received any information of possible deaths.

Workers, traders, commuters and even students writing their NECO and promotion examinations were thrown into turmoil all day on Wednesday.

Our correspondent discovered that those living in Lagos Island and mainland were adversely affected by the torrentous downpour.
There was traffic snarl on the Ikorodu road located in the heart of the city.

Residents hid under bridges waiting for the persistent rain to subside. Many were seen trekking to their offices.

The heavy downpour, which began early Wednesday, caused water levels to rise rapidly, inundating homes, businesses, and major roads.

Local authorities report that the worst-hit areas include Lekki, Victoria Island, and Ajah, where streets have turned into rivers and vehicles have been submerged.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years living here,” said a resident of Lekki. “The water came in so fast; we barely had time to save any of our belongings.”

The flooding has raised concerns about the city’s infrastructure and drainage systems, long criticized for being inadequate to handle heavy rains. Experts are calling for urgent improvements to prevent future disasters.

A user on X @olawalesmd highlighted the role of residents in exacerbating the flooding, tweeting, “You’re also responsible for the ongoing flood in Lagos if you throw plastics and trash outside the windows of your cars or buses, allowing waste to clog drainages. If you don’t clear your gutters, if you don’t pay LAWMA bills. Everything isn’t government. Some of you get wahala.”

As the rains continue, residents are bracing for more challenges.

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