South West Professionals plan summit, support Tinubu-Shetima

South West Professionals plan summit, support Tinubu-Shetima

By Yomi Ajakaiye

The All Progressives Cong ress, (APC) Presidential candidate Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu an his Vice Presidential candidate Shetimma have received a boost from thousands of professionals from the South West.

In a statement on Tuesday the South West Professionals, (SOWPROF) has scheduled a summit of professionals for August 2022 to drum up support for the APC candidates ahead of the 2023 Presidential election.

The summit of professionals in the South West is expected to bring together thousands of people in the economic sector.

The group also said it would embark on house-to-house campaign to ensure the APC candidate receives massive support from voters in the region.

SOWPROF was established in 2015 as a coalition of several professionals in the South West covering Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Kwara, Kogi, Delta, Ekiti and Edo States. There are some 200 professional groups including artisan associations affiliated to the group.

In coming August, SOWPROF said it will bring together the largest assembly of professionals in the South West at a summit slated for Lagos where the strategy for the victory of Asiwaju Tinubu will be laid down.

SOWPROF’s President  Chief Segun Ajibulu in the statement said professionals including bankers, trade union activists, artisan associations will be part of the global summit adding that hundreds of professionals from home and in the Diapora will be part of the August 2022 summit.

He said the group will take over the campaign beyond party politics to ensure an historic turn out of voters in favour of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu.

‘Of all the aspirants, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu offers the most impressive credentials. He laid the foundation for a new Lagos. He returned sanity to the transportation system in Lagos by eliminating the notorious Molue. He laid the foundation for Atlantic City. He ran an inclusive government that had Igbo, Hausa, Ijaw, Tiv, Birom, Fulani in his government in Lagos. He is the issue in Nigerian politics today’ SOWPROF said.
Ajibulu a Tax Accountant who had worked in Austria and the United States, (US) said Tinubu is the trademark that will rebrand Nigeria and ensure the country assumes her role in the comity of Nations.

He said the organization plans to set up campaign offices in the state capitals of all the member states in the South West.

He said the organization will hire and pay thousands of volunteers who will go from street to street, church to church and mosque to mosque to educate the people on the imperatives of having Tinubu and Shettima in the Presidency come 2023.

‘It is in the interest of professionals to get the economy back on her feet. We cannot eliminate terrorism without economic roadmap. Nigeria needs to revive agriculture, local oil production, the textile mills need to return, the rubber and cocoa plantation must return.

The Nigerian industrial hub must come to life again. Once there is food and social security, the stagnant pool where terrorist recruit their foot soldiers will dry’ Ajibulu said.

On the Muslim-Muslim ticket, Ajibulu said what is most important to Nigerians is the credibility of the aspirants. ‘We want a new Nigeria where people’s capacity and ability can be measured not by their faith but by their integrity and humanity. Tinubu and Shetima are not extremists. They are moderates. Religion should not be the yardstick to determine the future of Nigeria. We should place emphasis on high integrity and the ability of the aspirants to deliver dividends of democracy.

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