The looming attack on Okunland in Kogi

The looming attack on Okunland in Kogi

An Appeal to the Yoruba People all over the World

Chief Femi Ajisafe

Good morning all. I am not an alarmist. But for the second time in this year, I saw in the vision of sleep, tears, sorrows and death. Violence everywhere. Unfortunately, my very dear fatherland is in the midst of it. We have been thoroughly surrounded, possibly overwhelmed, and made ready for slaughter – it is in the mode of Hamman, the promoted high ranking officer of Persia against Modecai and the Jewish nation. Hamman(Gumi), already laid out his strategy before informing the King. The Israelites(okun) would have been consumed and exterminated; but for Modecai and Queen Esther(all Okun men and women of courage).

Okunland is about to be consumed and exterminated by the Fulanis. Sheik Gumi is the Hamman, and the Fulani, his kinsmen are his accomplices. All they’re waiting for is the D-day and H-hour to strike and possess Okunland. The final strategy was smoothed by the recent visit of Gumi to our dear fatherland amidst the quiet corroboration of “our Governor.”

This is the time to fight back as Modecai did. First, *all* Okun people at home and in the diaspora *MUST* without fail fast and pray for day(s), to report Sheik Gumi to God. His time is up! He, as an incarnate of Hamman, must first taste his evil plans, through God’s hand. We have no guns as the Fulani, and no backing of the President as Gumi. God is our our Father and Commander-in-Chief – He is the man of war, Yaweh is His name. Let’s raise our voices as one man to God to judge Gumi and his accomplices.
Time for this is now!

Second, remember we have no lethal weapons; and the Fulani see us as unassuming and accommodating in scattered small communities of a few hundreds to thousands – that suits their warfare strategy – attack isolated but small domains in gestapo format. Strike devastatingly with cruelty and speedily at odd times – mostly at night. Therefore, we must rise up and sensitize the whole world to our impending apocalypse. speak to the world – the UN, EU, AU and ECOWAS; including the larger Yoruba nation. It is important we report, and take Gumi before the International War Crime Court. In the same vein, we must raise our voice in the National Assembly- our Senator and members of the House of Representatives *MUST* put this matter forward as issue of urgent national importance. Gumi is planning to exterminate Okunland. This needed to be handled before the National Assembly goes on Christmas recess.

Third, Okun has a visible presence in the Nigerian media – print, electronic and new media. It is imperative to use this weapon of the pen effectively to demystify Gumi, and the Chief Security Officer of Kogi State who has up until now maintained an understanding silence as an agent provocateur in all this. There is no sitting on the fence.

In conclusion, permit me to paraphrase, adopt and adapt Modecai’s SOS to Queen Esther in the palace of Suza of Persia,
ESTHER 4:14 – If any Okun keeps quiet at this time of Fulani *siege* to Okunland, thinking that because they are in exalted positions, or in far away foreign land, it will not affect them while their fatherland perish; help and deliverance will come to Okunland from elsewhere, but who knows, whether God has made you prominent in means, and or in governance for such a time as this.

I awoke with a startle from the horrific vision of tears, sorrows and blood, which God willing is the portion of Gumi and his cohorts and not Okunland. There is need for Okun Worldwide appointed fast and prayer sessions for all faiths.
God!, Okun people are powerless and without guns, but our eyes are on you – save our people and our land from the wicked.

Awake! Okun, ‘soro soke.’🎤

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