We are sorry, Bini aborigines apologise to Yoruba Nation

By Jacob Ehonwa and Ologeh Joseph

The first settlers in Bini have apologised to the Yoruba Nation for the false narative that Lagos was founded by the Oba of Bini

In a speech made available to Irohinoodua, the Ogiso of Bini apologized to the Yoruba Nation for the royal gafe.

The Oba of Bini, Uku Akpolokpolo Oba Ewuare II had said that Lagos was founded by his ancestors.

Earlier during his inauguration as the Oba of Bini, the Royal Father had said that his forefathers founded Lagos.

During his visit to the Governor of Lagos State Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Oba asked him to check the history books saying that Lagos was founded by his forefathers.
The Oba of Bini said “It is in the history books that the Binis founded Lagos. When some people will hear it now, they will go haywire, what is the Oba saying there again? But it is true. Go and check the records. Maybe not all over Lagos as we know it now but certain areas in Lagos, maybe the nucleus of Lagos, was founded by my ancestors. The Oba of Lagos will say so.”

But the Ogiso described the claims of the Oba of Bini as spurious.

The Ogiso are the First Nation of Bini Kingdom. They had migrated from Ile Ife and settled at Bini centuries before Oranmiyan, the grandson of Oduduwa came to Bini where he established the Bini Kingdom.

A descendant of the Ogiso in the speech came out to apologize to the Ooni of Ife and the entire Yoruba Nation on the statement credited to Oba of Benin that his forefathers established Lagos.

The Ogiso descendant who apologized to Yoruba in the speech obtained by Irohinodua explained that the Oba of Benin is an extension of Ile- Ife. He said the Oba of Bini is a Yorubaman.

He said “Please forgive us.The reason why I came here to beg is because of the statement that the Oba of Benin said in regard that he owns Lagos. We are not the owners of Lagos and Oba of Benin is not the one to speak on behalf of Edo state. The Oba of Benin is a pure Yoruba man. He is an extension of Ile-Ife. Everybody is aware except those people who don’t read.”

He said further “Oranmiyan and Ilaworo of Ode were two brothers who came from Ile Ife. They were princes, nobody invited them, they were exploring. They wanted to have a domain of their own, that was why they found themselves and there was a war, the war was called Edo-Oba.”

He also explained that the Bini people found themselves in Lagos because the Oba of Bini’s ancestors shipped indigenous people to the Portuguese in a place called “Eko”.

He said, “So that was how we found ourselves in Lagos. It was the Oba of Bini ancestors who were shipping us to the Portuguese in a place called the present day “Eko”. Eko means “camp” on our language. Eko-edumota, “edu” means “we are the edu people”, “edumota” is a “market where they sell Edu children.”

He said it is a shame that the Oba of Benin would say he owns Lagos.

“The man who his ancestors were selling us into slavery, coming out being proud of that nonsense.”

He said “So my great Yoruba nation, I plead, the Oba of Bini is not the one to speak on behalf of us. I am from the great Ogiso family.

We are the owners of the land in Bini. We own that land, not him, the Oba of NiSo those that you see on social media that are making noise, making fools of themselves, those ones are being paid 500 euros and if you look at them, they are stark illiterates, many of them are retired prostitutes, most of the boys are stark illiterate. So please, we are doing everything to put our house in order. Oba of Benin is not one to speak for Edo state because he is a stranger. So kabiyesi of Ife, I am pleading on the whole world to beg the kabiyesi of Ife”

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