Yoruba in Niger Republic cry out:We reject war, we have no place to go

By Samuel Ogunsona

Yoruba People Living in Niger Republic have denounced any use of force against the land locked country.

In a video obtained hy Irohinoodua, a woman said to be a prominent market woman and Yoruba market women leader in Niger cautioned Tinubi against the use of force.

“Niger is our home. It is the only country we know. If you attack Niger, many Yoruba refugees will return to Nigeria. Where will you keep us?” she said in Yoruba

According to her, for the past four days, Niger Republic has experienced power cut for the first time in a very long time.

She said throwing a brotherly country into darkness was evil

She said, “Wherever you can hear me, I greet you all. Great Nigerians, children of Oduduwa, help us. Wake President Tinubu, it is not the time to sleep. Let’s take care of the house before pokenosing in external affairs or matters of the outside world. What concerns President Tinubu with the problems in Niger?.”

“Niger and Nigeria are not so different from each other. The day the two countries decide to stop relations with each other, it will become a big problems,” she stated.

“Nigeria supplies Niger with electricity. Truly, Niger buys it. For four days, Niger doesn’t have electricity. There are still some issues yet unresolved in Nigeria that has not been solved by President Tinubu, instead he decided to interfere in Niger. If he interferes and we are sent out of Niger, he should get ready to provide accommodation for us.”

She urged Tinubu nit to “implicate us for we are at peace here.”

Speaking further she said “We are Yorubas, we live in Niger, that’s where we know, that’s where our livelihood comes from. We don’t know any other place. If we arrive Nigeria today, we are visitors. Niger is our home.”.

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