The world may break down if we don’t rapidly transit to zero-carbon alternatives – Says COP28 President

By Samuel Ogunsona reporting from Dubai

Speaking frankly among the world leaders at the climate action submit today in Dubai, the COP28 President, Dr Sultan Al Jaber, has said the world will break down if it fails to fix the climate change related crisis.

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber who is the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and also the COP28 President noted that the motion of the science research that established the danger behind the rise in global average temperature must be respected.

He said “Energy from phones to factories actually keeps your homes warm and our homes cool. It allows the children to study at night and hospitals to treat them if they become ill. In short, the world does not work without energy yet the world will break down if we do not fix the energies we use today”

Speaking further he said “The world will break down if we don’t mitigate the emissions on a gigaton scale and the world can potentially break down if we don’t rapidly transition to zero carbon energy” He added.

However, science researchers had warned against the danger of global average temperature rise reaching 2 degree Celsius.

“These are facts we must come to terms with and I know that you your excellencies, and CEOs and chairmans of well established and beautiful companies from all over the world. I know that you respect the science, and if we do respect the science, we must translate that motion into real action. That is why the COP28 presidency is launching the Global Decapitalisation Accelerator” Al Jaber stated.

“The Global Decapitalisation Accelerator addresses the demand and supply of energy at the same time. It is the holistic approach, it is a comprehensive plan for a system wide change and it allows world companies and countries around to keep 1.5 degree Celsius within reach than ever before”

Parties and delegates agreed to aim below 2 degree Celsius at COP16 in 2010 which stated that “the need to consider” 1.5C as a stronger “long-term global goal” is paramount and achievable.

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