Those attacking Soyinka lack a sense of history, says Pan Yoruba coalition

“Obidients behave like Nazists”

Says Chimamanda’s letter to Biden reflects veiled ethnic agenda

By Bade Ogunlana

Those attacking the Nobel Laureate Prof Wole Soyinka over his comments on Datti Ahmed’s call for anarchy lack a deep sense of history and are a threat to democracy and human civilisation, the Alliance of Yoruba Democratic Movements, AYDM said in a statement issued at the weekend.

The group said supporters of Peter Obi are noted for a culture of banality and contempt for common sense

AYDM said Obidients criticisms are driven by a blind rage and fury with neither logic,reason nor common sense.

AYDM said Nigerians have now learnt that it would be a grave error if Peter Obi had won the election adding that his conducts and that of his supporters indicated that they are ideologically barren, fascist and driven by Igbo Fundamentalism, a worst form of political philosophy that believes there are no human beings on earth except those who support Peter Obi now projected as an Igbo candidate with an unmistaken Igbo agenda, seeking to rule a plural society like Nigeria.

“The attacks on Soyinka are irresponsible. They show that Obidients are violently anti-culture. They have a terrorist mentality, obsessed by democratic debates and have the penchant for blood letting and a rabid mindset which the Yoruba refer to as Digbolugi,”AYDM said in the statement signed by its General Secretary, Popoola Ajayi and Organising Secretary, Chief Kunle Oshodi.

The AYDM is a coalition of 121 Pan Yoruba groups including Oodua Peoples Congress( New Era), Oodua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC), Professional Hunters Union, ANACCOWA ,representing Okada riders in the West, Vigilante Group, South West Youth Coalition, SWYC, NATA, mechanic associations in the South West, Oodua Peoples Congress (Reformed), Network for Yoruba Alliance, NENA, Itsekiri Nationalist Congress, INCO, Kwara-Kogi Yoruba Solidarity Front, Oodua Students League, (OSL), Congress of Oodua Descendants in West Africa Coast, (CODWAC), and several other community based groups from Kogi, Akoko Edo, Kwara and Itsekiri area of Delta State

AYDM said Obidients are anxious to extend their factories of terror across Nigeria through its armed wing, Indigenous Peoples of Biafra,IPOB

AYDM said one of such instances was the arrested Eze Igbo in Lagos who said he would bring armed members of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB and Eastern Nigeria Security Network, ENSN to fight in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

“We have watched with keen interests this tactless and reckless people who are desperate to set the country ablaze and set humanity against itself through their mindless provocation and cruel disdain for logical reeasoning.”

AYDM said ” We are ready to confront them in all shades and in all forms, even on the streets unless they purge themselves of genocidal instints.”

The group said “Obi won over 80 percent in many of the South East states. His supporters were seen in various video clips attacking and hounding those opposed to their beliefs. They clubbed and viciously attacked those who did not support Labour Party. Their intention was to nationalise this criminal enterprise. In other parts of Nigeria, during the governorship election. They were resisted in the South West in spite of their threats of armed attacks.”

The group said that “Obidients are bullies with no respect for alternative opinions. They are nazists. Its to the credit of Peter Obi that he has revealed that he and his supporters lack the mental and emotional stability to get close to power in Aso Rock.”

The group said the ceaseless attacks on Soyinka for condemning the calls for violent insurrection by many supporters of Peter Obi represents a display of cruel intolerance and assault on democratic norms.

“We caution those attacking Soyinka to beware of proportional measure of resistance from his admirers all over the world. He is not just a a treasure, he is a global icon that cannot be diminished by anarchists who at gun point are bent on imposing their perspectives on Nigerians” the statement said

AYDM said each day, Obidients with their garrison mentality are pushing Nigerians to the brink and in the process further isolates itself.

The group said it was not surprised that Chimamanda has joined the Igbo Fundamentalists.
“Her writings have never been driven by humanity but by sectional, parochial instincts informed by a martial mindset to promote Igbo supremacy in all her encounters”

AYDM said “They are attacking and insulting people, even old people and the physically challenged they do not respect. It is simply because they are afraid of civil engagement and it shows their lowly understanding of a complex country like Nigeria”, AYDM said

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