Why an IPOB Apologist Should Never Be Lagos Governor

Why an IPOB Apologist Should Never Be Lagos Governor

By Joshua Adebiyi

Adebiyi is an indigenes of Lagos

For several months, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, with its accomplice, the Eastern Security Network (ESN), a violent extremist group, has unleashed terror and wreaked havoc on the South Eastern part of Nigeria. It will be disastrous for the group to find a legitimate hub in Lagos. Imagine IPOB producing the Governor of Lagos. It means the Lagos State Governor will be funding IPOB, albeit covertly. This is dangerous not only for the wellbeing of Yorubaland but dangerous for Nigeria and West Africa.

I’m from Isale Eko. We know ourselves. Gbadebo does not even enjoy the grace of the indigenous people of Lagos

IPOB wanton destruction of property and lives, fear and intimidation which characterised its modus operandi have made the once booming states like Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo become a shadow of the old self, losing crucial economic, social and cultural relevance.

IPOB biggest achievement is to produce a state Governor in the most important economic hub of Nigeria.

The Igbo people, who in effect, are the biggest losers have become further impoverished due to the violent agitation of the extremist group.

The barbaric sit-at-home order which forbids traders and companies from operating on Mondays, the first business day of the week, also dealt a deadly blow on the region with far-reaching crippling effect on its economy. Why I do not oppose self determination, I think it should be waged in a peaceful manner.

So pathetic is the situation in the South East that many hard-working sons and daughters of Igboland could not travel home for Christmas and New year festivities last December for fear of being killed in their own hometowns and villages. My neighbour lamented endlessly in despair.

Ordinarily, one could be sympathetic to a self-determination cause, but killing, maiming and destroying property of those you claim you are agitating for isn’t reasonable. It’s like cutting the nose to spite the face. It’s terrorism.

IPOB agitators have indeed become a threat to the Nation, and have received knocks as their approach is seen by all and sundry as crude and self-serving.

That is why even world leaders including the government of the United Kingdom despite initial reluctance later recognised Nigeria’s designation of IPOB as terrorist group having beamed search light and uncovered IPOB atrocities.

Strangely, that a known member of the same group is vying to govern the commercial hub of the country is not only ridiculous, barbaric but an insult on the collective sensibilities of the good people of Lagos State.

Chinedu Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Labour Party, LP, Gubernatorial Candidate for the March 11, 2023 election in Lagos State has over the years shown that he is an unrepentant IPOB apologist who could also be regarded as a terrorist like his ilk who have shed innocent blood and perpetrated chaos and unrest in the South East and appears set to replicate same in a much safer and complex State like Lagos which has been the most peaceful state since the emergence of democratic rule from 1999.

As far back as 2016, Chinedu Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour was publicly seen actively leading IPOB violent campaigns.

Rhodes-Vivour should be openly rejected by the electorates because he has no moral value, experience, etiquettes, knowledge, ability and wherewithal to govern Lagos.

Killings of innocent citizens and destruction of property is a known culture and trade in stock of IPOB and Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour, a staunch member cannot be distanced from same. God forbids such in Lagos.

Lagos contributes the largest to Nigeria economically and in many other ways. We cannot gamble with entrusting the commercial hub of the country to Rhodes-Vivour and IPOB terrorists. It’s like releasing the key to the city.

We should then expect a theatre of war as experienced in the South East.

In fact, Lagos wouldn’t be the only victim but the entire nation which depends on Lagos on many fronts. With Gbadebo in charge, IPOB will easily infiltrate the state and disaster will strike. He can’t be trusted with Lagos. Not now, not ever!

We say NO to an IPOB apologist and notorious terrorist as Governor of Lagos State, the mini-Nigeria.

Adebiyi, is a Computer Engineer, He writes in from Lagos

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