British Govt wanted me dead, says Adeyinka Grandson after release from prison

By Abiola Kalejaye

Jailed Oduduwa Republic agitator, Mr Adeyinka Grandson has been released.

He was released from British prison after his indictment for attacks on Fulani and the Nigerian state.

Adeyinka is demanding for a sovereign Yoruba Nation.

After his release on Tueaday, Grandson said he was poisoned and I
infected with Coronavirus while In UK Prison

He described himself as a political prisoner.

He was jailed for four and a half years by a Southwark Crown Court in Central London, UK in April 2022 over his social media posts against some ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Adeyinka Grandson is the president of the Young Yorubas for Freedom (YYF),a Yoruba self determination group.

Adeyinka said in a statement made available to Irohinoodua

“I was a British Political Prisoner for two years, three months and ten days and my conviction was malicious, an assault on free speech and a stain on the English judiciary,” he said.

Grandson, also known as Adeyinka Shoyemi is UK-based Yoruba from Akoko in Ondo State

of Yoruba descent, was known for his social media attacks on people of Igbo extraction as well as criticism of the Hausa-Fulani.

The Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command and the Metropolitan Police under the approval of the Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged in London in August 2019.

Grandson said, “Whilst in prison, they infected me with coronavirus and poisoned my food in order to kill me. They are doing all these because of my political views that are critical of the Ibo and the Fulani’s immigrants in Nigeria, whom I have accused on social media of being the proxies of the English Establishment in the suppression and subjugation of the Yoruba in Nigeria.

“There is, therefore, a significant risk to the lives, liberty and physical safety of my children and I in England from the MI5/MI6 because of my political belief. The intervention of the Government of the Federation of Nigeria, in my case, is therefore, imperative to bring my children and I back home to Yorubaland from England.”

He said “I was not permitted by the Judge to use my witnesses, the documents that I had available, or to mention to the jury the involvement and motives of my ex-wife for reporting my political activism on social media to the Police as terrorism and racial hatred offences over the custody matter of our children, which made my conviction unsafe.”

“I wish to see the Yoruba Police Service in Lagos be given the power to stop and search the English in Lagos and discriminate against them for being white because the English Metropolitan Police Service in London have always stopped and searched the Yoruba in London and discriminated against them for being black.”

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