Armed robber pose as lunatic in Lagos to lure victims

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

An armed robber who poses as a madman to lure victims has been arrested in Lagos.

The suspected criminal Olaseinde Ojo usuall pose as a lunatic to ensnare victims.

On Thursday, the Nigeria Police Force issued a warning urging citizens to remain vigilant against criminal ploys.

ACP, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, disclosed this development in a statement on Thursday.

Underscoring the NPF’s ongoing efforts to combat crime, notable achievements include the apprehension of criminals in Lagos State and the FCT Command.

He emphasized in the statement, “The operatives of the Nigeria Police Force, in their quest to tackle crimes and criminality across the country, have once again recorded milestone achievements in various areas.”

Furthermore, he disclosed, “Our operatives in Lagos State and FCT Command, having intensified their operational strategies, have successfully arrested several criminals connected to atrocious crimes.”

Among those arrested was Olaseinde Ojo, who targeted victims at Post Office, Isokoko.

He stated, “Among these is the arrest of one Olaseinde Ojo ‘m’, a suspected armed robber and kidnapper at Post Office, Isokoko who disguise as a lunatic to get close to his victims and rob or kidnap them.”

Another arrest occurred on Dolphin Bridge, where police intercepted a dispatch rider, Samson Shina, found in possession of a locally made pistol and charms. He emphasized, “Another arrest was made along Dolphin Bridge when the police operatives patrolling that axis intercepted a dispatch rider identified as Samson Shina, ‘m’, in possession of a locally made pistol and some charms.”

The NPF further urged citizens to be wary and vigilant, their security should be their top priority.

The statement further read, “With recent reports highlighting various incidents, including thefts, defilement, and assault, it’s essential for individuals to take proactive measures.” Detailing the measures, “These include being sensitive to their surroundings, especially in unfamiliar areas, and avoiding isolated or poorly lit places, particularly at night.”

The statement concluded urging, “members of the public are encouraged to keep their belongings secure and to report any suspicious activities to the authorities promptly.”

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