Rotimi Johnson, (Sankore), former UI student leader, journalist is dead

By Aliu Salami

Mr Rotimi Johnson, son of a veteran actor and journalist has passed on.

Born Rotimi Johnson, the former student union leader changed his surname to Sankore, reflecting the revolutionary zeal that has driven his over five-decade career.

Irohinoodua was informed that Rotimi died on Saturday.

In recent time, he became one of Nigeria’s finest data analysts. One of his most remarkable interviews was when he used data to project the inevitable rise in violence in the North East and North West drawing from the economic, cultural and social index of lack of the essentials of life for the multitude of people in the two regions.

Rotimi was noted for his unique ability of using class and economic variables to analyse socio-political issues.

Rotimi argued that the violence in certain areas in Nigeria should be expected and that futuristic leaders should have known ab initio that violence and mayhem were inevitable.

Rotimi Sankore began his radical intervention in local and international affairs at the University of Ibadan in the 1980s. He was well known in the Nigerian left politics and the labour and students movement.

His stance against military rule led to his expulsion from UI.

He was very active in the Campaign for Democracy, (CD) in the deadly campaign against military rule before relocating to the United Kingdom,(UK)

Due to his involvement in radical student union politics, he was expelled and was never able to complete his education at UI but his versatility and voracious appetite for education took him around the world in search of knowledge.

He became a remarkable figure in media affairs across the world.

He worked with the International Federation of Journalist, (IFJ) and was a resource person for the British Union of Journalist.

Sankore was a founding member of Journalists for Democratic Rights, (JODER) and the International Press Centre,(IPC).

Before his demise, Sankore was the Executive Director at the Africa Centre for Development Journalism (ACDJ), providing strategic communication support to socio-political and economic organisations.

Few weeks ago,he was appointed as chairman, editorial board, at Nigeria Info Radio Group.

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