Obasanjo backs State Police

Obasanjo backs State Police

For the first time, former President Olusegun Obasanjo has expressed support for State Police.

Obasanjo said the insecurity in the country will be better addressed through state police.

This is contrary to his agelong stand that Nigeria should remain a totalitarian state where security architecture is managed by the centre.

Obasanjo was also the first person to use the word Fulanisation of Nigeria referring to ethnic domination of Nigeria by the Fulani stock.

The media spokesperson to the former President,  Kehinde Akinyemi issued the statement after the visit of  National Association of Ex-local Government Chairmen in Nigeria.

President Buhari had approved N13.3 billion  for community policing but this is totally different from State Police. Community policing is tied to the Inspector General of Police.

Obasanjo has been a staunch advocate of a garrison state. He ruled for eight years but did nothing to restructure Nigeria. He left no striking legacy among his people of the South West,except his private library and private University.

Not even the road to his Abeokuta historic city was tarred. His government intimidated and harassed those clamouring for restructuring of Nigeria.

“Our situation in Nigeria concerns everyone, particularly, the case of terrorism,” Obasanjo stated.

“The case has gone beyond the issue of community police. It is now state police. It is from that state police that we can now be talking about community police.”
The former president also noted the need to strengthen the traditional system and the local government administration.
“I prepared it during the popular Murtala/Obasanjo administration because I believe that there is a need to enable that tier of government to work truly like a local government,” he said.
“They have their own executive, judiciary and legislature.
“They were working and they were very visible, building and managing roads, looking into education, health, local administration, agriculture, but they were all gone.”

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