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COP16: Colombia unveils 2024 CBD logo to the world

-Sends strong slogan of ‘Peace with Nature’

By Samuel Ogunsona

The Colombian Government has unveiled its official logo and slogan for COP16 in preparation for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), conference which will be held in October, 2024.

The unveiling was done at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, through her Environment Minister, Susana Muhamad and the Acting Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), David Cooper, on Wednesday.

Irohinodua was informed that the presented image and slogan of COP16 was inspired by a species endemic to Colombia, Inírida flower, which brings together the 23 UN biodiversity targets.

The unveiled slogan “Peace with Nature” is a call for reflection to improve the relationship people have with the environment.

Susana Muhamad said the official logo and slogan would be launched in Cali.

“We are launching the official logo of the COP16 in Cali, which is the flower of Inírida, which will represent the message of ‘Peace with Nature’, which means the representation of those unique issues that brings biodiversity. The flower is endemic to Guainía and is a flower that never dies, its petals never fall apart. We hope that the COP16 in Colombia can help the world to make peace with nature, so that we can sustain and maintain life on the planet forever” she stated

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