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UN environment assembly ended with more actions to stem nature loss

-Elect new President to preside over UNEA-7

By Samuel Ogunsona

The sixth UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-6), advance in collaborative actions with member states delivering 15 resolutions aiming to boost multilateral efforts to address the triple planetary crisis.

The triple planetary crises are climate change, nature loss and pollution.

However, more than 5,600 people – representing 190 countries – participated in the week-long Assembly held at the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

The UN assembly advance the work of world leaders on management of metals, mineral resources, chemicals and waste, on environmental assistance and recovery in areas impacted by armed conflict, on integrated water resource management in the domestic sector, agriculture and industry to tackle water stress, on sustainable lifestyles, on rehabilitation of degraded lands and waters, and more.

At the closing remark, member states affirm the commitment to slow climate change, restore and protect biodiversity, create a pollution-free world and confront issues of desertification, land and soil degradation, drought and deforestation by taking effective, inclusive and sustainable multilateral actions.

Leila Benali, UNEA-6 President, said the 2024 UN environment assembly is a success as world leaders advance on the core mandate.

“I am proud to say this was a successful Assembly, where we advanced on our core mandate: the legitimate human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, everywhere.

“We have agreed on 15 resolutions, two decisions and a ministerial declaration.

“As governments, we need to push for more and reinvented partnerships with key stakeholders to implement these mandates. We need to continue to partner with civil society, continue to guide and empower our creative youth, and also with the private sector and philanthropies,” she said.

Inger Andersen, UNEP’s Executive Director. said “ Madam President has gavelled 15 resolutions and two decisions, which cover important aspects of the triple planetary crisis. You asked for advances in securing the metals and minerals needed for the transition to net-zero. You called for the world to do better on protecting the environment during and after conflicts. You delivered resolutions that will help UNEP and Member States do more on chemicals and waste, and sand and dust storms”.

“The President has gavelled resolutions that address desertification, land restoration and more. We also have a ministerial declaration that affirms the international community’s strong intent to slow climate change, restore nature and land, and create a pollution-free world,” she said.

“UNEP will now take forward the responsibilities you have entrusted to us in these new resolutions. In addition to keeping the environment under review. In addition to fulfilling our obligation to serve as an authoritative advocate for action across the triple planetary crisis,” Andersen added.

“The world needs action. The world needs speed. The world needs real, lasting change. UNEA-6 has delivered an extra boost to help us deliver this change and to ensure every person on this planet enjoys the right to a safe and healthy environment,” she said.

However, the assembly elect the Chairman of the Environment Authority of Oman, Abdullah Bin Ali Amr, as the president to preside over UNEA-7.

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