Former Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and his Eight Years of Waste

Osinbajo returned to the South West without heroic welcome unlike his boss, Buhari overwhelmed by the people of Daura

Zent Sowunmi

President Buhari on Monday 28th returned to Daura in Katsina State, his people came in thousands to welcome him, unlike his VP Yemi Osibajo who returned to Lagos quietly with no one to welcome him, not even school kids, it was as if he was not the VP until few days ago.

The people of Daura knew what former President Buhari did for them, unlike the people of Ikenne or Lagos that could not but the Oracle says, that beautiful Muritala Mohamed Airport Road to Oshodi was approved by Yemi Osibajo as Acting President when President Buhari was away in a UK Hospital.

Yemi Osibajo for eight years in what was supposed to a joint ticket never asked anything for the South West, he did not push for any agenda to support his number two ticket, and never sat with Buhari to demand a legacy project of his own in the SW after his time in office, the Federal road to Ikenne was not even on the agenda of a government he was number two man, not even a phone call to Fashola the Works Minister to do something about it

His failure to do so, made former President Buhari to see him as his undertaker, a man waiting for him to die before he can do anything for his own people and he took advantage of him.

Buhari knew how effective Yemi Osibajo could be if given the chance, he knew how Yemi sacked DSS Boss for taking over the National Assembly, and some of the things he did as Acting President.

Unfortunately President Buhari also saw a timid VP not courageous enough to ask for projects for SW like others, whatever closed his mouth with that of Fashola the Minister of Works, all of them, never asked anything for the SW to protect their Legacy.

Instead, Yemi Osibajo saw Tinubu as the problem to his own ambition to be President after forgetting how he became the VP in the first place. He turned Church against his mentor, he looked the other way when Tinubu needed him to stand by him with Christian world

To those who knew why Tinubu focused on his yearly colloquiums which was to remind Nigerians of his ambition, with his wife Senator Remi Tinubu in the Senate he was able to keep abreast with the National Assembly after his trust in the VP in Executive arm was shaking.

In the 7th anniversary of the colloquium in Lagos, Tinubu openly thanked Yemi Osibajo and reminded him of the partnership agreement. Yemi is my partner in crime and he reminded even his wife to stay focus.

To the surprise of all Yemi Osibajo went after what his mentor wanted, he forgot why trust must never be betrayed a man who could have been welcomed home like hero, just came back with no crowd, if he gets one at all it will probably be in his church on Sunday and most of those that will attend will not even be honest with him.

Unfortunately, the Oracle says Yemi Osibajo is not a Catholic, if he were a Catholic with confirmation, he would have been asked to see a Priest for confession and be asked to read Hail Mary thousands of times in search for forgiveness, because his selfish and religious cacaohonhy affected thousands of his admirers.

Twice he missed the opportunities to seek redress, firstly, if he had dropped out of the race like Governor Amosun and others during APC primaries and secondly, if he had campaigned with Tinubu at least ones despite all those actions of his, Tinubu accorded him the respect of his office, he visited VP Osibajo who was only waiting for Tinubu to lose for him to be happy.

That was why VP Osibajo returned to Lagos without Lagos State Government representatives to welcome him, why would Lagos do so, Yemi had relocated his political base to Ikenne in Ogun State which this Oracle pointed to that Yemi Osibajo was planning to run against Tinubu which his camp denied then.

As if that was not enough, Yemi Osibajo, a Pastor started taking traditional titles that could affect Tinubu, at one time he was made Jagaban of Adamawa to counter that of his mentor in Borgu and Oracle called the attention of the readers to it.

Unfortunately, Ogun State is not like Lagos, a state created with the merger of Abeokuta and Ijebu Ode provinces in 1976 half of it Abeokuta Province was and still a committed Tinubu place in which Tinubu a Chief of Egbaland several decades.

Governor Dapo Abiodun Ogun State at least on social media did not send a protocol officer to Lagos to welcome VP Osibajo back to his overnight sanctuary state for political reason.

At the end of it all Ogun State Federal roads are still not fixed, Lagos Ibadan road built in 1975 was panel fitted to look new, when the SE without VP or Senate President got a beautiful second Niger Bridge, we got nothing

No Federal road in Ogun Central was fixed, the Federal Bridge on Ogun River was done by Governor Amosun, Ogun State since 1999 never benefitted from Federal road development and it is the state like Obasanjo and Osibajo returned to and we wonder if they represented us or themselves.

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