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Newsbreak: Scientists discover 4,600 year old tombs in Egypt

Newsbreak: Scientists discover 4,600 year old tombs in Egypt

By Bisi Agbaje

Scientists have discovered  4,600 year-old tombs in ancient Egypt a country known for her great civilisation. The announcement of the discovery was made on Saturday, today.


Some scholars believe the Yoruba migrated from Egypt thousands of years ago and might have been some of the original settlers in the dominion.

Oduduwa wad believed to have left Mecca before settling in Egypt after which he began the great migration to Ile-Ife. Other scholars contend with this position. They insist Oduduwa, the Yoruba progenitor came directly from the creator of heaven and earth.

Irohinoodua heard that the 4,600 year old contain tombs of leading social, cultural and political figures that lived at the time.
Egyptians were reputed for the science of keeping human and animal remains for centuries.

The five historic tombs have been discovered in the Saqqara region, west of Cairo, that are the burial places of leading figures from more than 4,600 years ago.

Saqqara is part of the Memphis cemetery named after the god Sekker from the Old Kingdom.

While some tombs are for major statesmen, one belongs to the wife of a man named ‘Yart’ and another, a rectangular well six metres underground, is for a woman called “Betty”.

There have been many archeological discoveries in Saqqara over the past year including hundreds of coloured tombs containing well-preserved mummies of senior figures from the 26th Dynasty. With reports from Euronews



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