Nigerian woman returns $36,000 found in a couch

Nigerian woman returns $36,000 found in a couch

A Nigerian woman living in the United States has returned the total sum of $36,000 dollars she found in some items she bought.

Victo Umoru, whi lives in California had ordered for a piece of furniture for her home after seeing a free online offer. After receiving the furniture, she took them home.

One day, she started inspecting the furniture to admire the beauty. To her surprise, she discovered $36,000 dollars hidden inside one single seater.

She called the production company and alerted them.

I was inspecting the furniture one day and suddenly I saw parcels of cash, she said.

According to her, she is happy as a grandmother and has no reason to take what does not belong to her.

“I’m a grandmother. God has been faithful to me. What else can I ask from God” she said. The owner of the furniture later gave her $2200 the equivalent of what she needed to buy a fridge.

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