Olusegun Obasanjo: You’re a liar, a cheat, disgrace to humanity

By Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo

My attention has been drawn to a statement credited to President Olusegun Obasanjo in which he called me an impostor and raised a lot of issues beneath his status, including telling the world that my mental health is questionable.

For the records; I want the world to know that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is the greatest impostor of all time, the liar, the cheat, the deceiver who now equates himself to the Almighty God and who now arrogantly believes that he has the unchallengeable power of life and death and to render totally useless whoever tries to point out any error of his or doesn’t agree to any of his rigid almighty posture of methodology in handling issues.

Once Daddy Obasanjo sees you as his perceived enemy who will not dance to his tune 100% he would go all out to destroy you. He would do all within his highly toxic evil network to destroy whoever offers a word of respectful caution to him.

From a very poor humble beginning, God gave Daddy Obasanjo all that anyone could ever want in life, took him to the pinnacle in the Army and in the government of Nigeria.

Since you left Dodan Barracks, you have been fighting all Presidents who came after you, seeing, talking, addressing them as no good. You have rubbished, abused, insulted, criticized, humiliated, fought, ridiculed every President who came to power. Are you the only ex – President we have in Nigeria? All our former Presidents, General Babangida, General Abdulsalami, General Yakubu Gowon, Dr Goodluck Jonathan etc they do not fight their children or wives nor ridicule people here and there in our nation. All our former Presidents in Nigeria comport themselves with dignity, they don’t fight nor rubbish every successive President we have like you do.

With all God has done for you, you are still very bitter and sadistic.
Have you forgotten you loved me so much, you even cried when l left you. Do you remember you sometimes prostrated for me in the bedroom to calm me down when l got angry with your misdeeds? Do you remember, you made me promise that l would never leave you and l must not go from the marriage because of your fault, that l must stay with you forever and be praying for you? That you are like Naaman in the Bible, but yours is sexual leprosy in that you sleep with several women without you knowing what you are doing? That l should pray to God to heal you and remove promiscuity from you and l must not leave you because of your loose sexual life? No wife or concubine of yours can tell you the truth except me. Do you remember how you loved my mother so much and had high regards for all my family because of your love for me and you always prostrated for my mother whenever you saw her? When l was with you, the one you call wife now, you couldn’t bring her to your house to join us for family meetings. Was l not the one going to your family meetings on your behalf with your late sister – Mummy Wola Eweje and l represented you well everytime at your family Olusomi meetings with late Prof Adebayo Mokuolu – who was the head of your family? Did l not represent you well both privately and publicly? The first wedding in your life which you planned for one of your children and it was cancelled without your knowledge by your first wife after we had invited the best musician in Nigeria, sent out invitations to the high and mighty, paid for many caterers, decorations and many souvenirs with family uniform paid for by everyone and on the wedding day guest came from far and near and Mama Iyabo your first wife the mother of the bride decided to cancel the wedding without informing you and the bride and the groom didn’t show up in your house…. was l not there with you in the bedroom to console you while you were crying like a baby and guest were arriving from far and near with no groom and bride in sight and people just eat and left with no ceremony. Insanity has really caught up with you if you don’t know.

I repeat again with all respect to you sir that you are the impostor, who like Satan is masquerading as a solution to problems which you have created for us in Nigeria and Africa.

You are the real problem, troubling the land of Nigeria, the people of Nigeria, troubling families and homes and the society at large. God gave you long life, good health, made you famous, gave you wealth, made you three times President of Nigeria, yet you couldn’t give us beautiful roads and 18 or 24 hours electricity which others could build on. All you do is fight, fight, fight every President who comes to power after you instead of embracing them as your loving children to be mentored, supported and guided by you to give us excellent service that will bring comfort to us all in the whole nation.

You are the one driving away great, beautiful developments from Nigeria and Africa from your secret covenant with Satan.

At close to 90 years of age you are heaping great insults, contemptuously correcting highly revered Kings in our Yoruba land as if they were worthless.

In his ignoble statement, Daddy Obasanjo said, ‘it must be noted that the state of health of Ms. Martins is known to all and sundry…’

Well, it must be noted that any leader like you who justifies indecency, humiliation of leaders, talks and acts like a tout or an area boy with uncouth mannerisms, shows us his mental state that he is mentally deranged and there are more than enough evidences from your behaviour and public utterances.

For the records, my mental state is in perfect condition. I salute you sir, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the Great Legend of Hell tormenting Nigeria and Africa. It is because l voluntarily left you which no wife of yours has ever done, that you want me insane or bedridden. Many times you have done the unimaginable to me, crippled all my business ventures, tried to label me insane, but God made me to triumph over all your schemings. That l am still alive is a great sorrow to you.That l am still breathing without one naira from you is still a great pain and sorrow to you.

Have you not begged me many times in the past to come back to you? Yet, you query the state of my mental health? You loved me very much in the past, to the extent of even beating your first wife in the house because she insulted me. It is still very painful to you that l left you and l am still alive. God has kept me. When l couldn’t cope, I ran out and left your home because you were to pushing me mad. Didn’t you take me round several houses you own that l should pick one and live there instead of departing from your life completely? Didn’t you also bring a car to me which l returned to you? All these l did when l told you l didn’t want to have anything to do with you again. Didn’t you make me to sit down publicly on your lap at the commissioning of your farm for the press to take photos of us and the photo was all over Nigeria in all the newspapers.

It is said hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but it is appropriate to say hell hath no fury like an ex – President scorned and now your ego is brutally scorned and deeply hurt because l left you and you are now humiliating yourself not me.

I don’t engage in fraudulent deals or dishonest living. I live a clean life all my life with no criminal record or found with any illegality. I live a very honourable, very honest, decent, simple, respectful life with my Lord Jesus Christ. You even told me at a time that l am brutally frank and too honest. That you wish sometimes l could lie.

By the way can you provide the world the evidence that the one you put in your house now as your ‘mrs’, that you paid any bride price or took her to court to marry? She is simply answering your name because it is convenient for you. How many wives of yours did you marry officially with all marriage ceremonies performed? Please tell the world.

When Abigail in the bible went to King David to apologize to David before he became king on behalf of her husband who treated king David ignominiously, did she take permission or inform her husband before begging David?
I am not mad. On the contrary, you are the one whose state of health is well known, who is miserable, deeply and secretly sorrowful great impostor who betrayed God Almighty who gave you several golden opportunities to rewrite the history of this great nation. You fail God too much and you have given much pain to God.

I am saying today before the whole world, standing in total and deep reverential fear of God in true submission to Him, presenting my rejoinder to your lies and hate before the Throne of God Almighty for judgement between you and l with the blood of Jesus.

Olusegun Obasanjo – you are the singular power tormenting many souls in Nigeria, in your family, in your children’s lives – troubling and tormenting Nigeria and Africa.

You are the unrepentant, arrogant, disdainful, contemptuous high principality – destroying Nigeria and Africa.

The only leaders you couldn’t cage or render impotent in Africa are the current Presidents of Nigeria, Tinubu and that of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.
I am using this medium also to plead with Nigerians to help President Tinubu to succeed so that Nigeria can be turned into another beautiful Kigali in Rwanda

Can you stand before God Almighty to say you did not rig PDP into power in the South West and other states, fraudulently removing Ex – Governor Osoba and others out of power with power of incumbency because you were then the President? It was only the current President Tinubu – then governor of Lagos State you couldn’t bring down and God is still making Tinubu to triumph over you publicly. Power belongs to God not you. Why now are you claiming 2023 election was flawed? Why do you want to create 3rd world war in Nigeria because Peter Obi didn’t win?

Please Charly Boy, Donald Duke, Sahara Reporters, the youths of Nigeria and others – l appeal to you humbly – don’t join forces with Daddy Olusegun Obasanjo again to bring war and chaos into Nigeria in order to remove President Tinubu. God gave the Presidency to Tinubu not man. Daddy Olusegun Obasanjo was made President in 1999 by the North. Generals Babangida, Abdulsalami my twin brother, Chief Kenny Martins and many others provided you the money, the people, the support nationally and internationally and all needed resources and platforms to become President and you betrayed them all. You rewarded them with evil. Ex – President Obasanjo treated them all very, very badly. He didn’t win the election. When he now wanted 3rd term, God shoved the evil, ungrateful Obasanjo out. Today he will not allow us to breathe. I also prayed and fasted for you not to die.

Daddy Olusegun Obasanjo, stop your rantings, you are an old wounded, dying roaring Lion. Stop barking. Let me and my children live, stop afflicting me and my children because you now hate me. Let us breathe in Nigeria. God will judge you soon. My family and I have supported you powerfully.

At Close to 90, you are fighting President Tinubu. You fought Yar’adua, you fought Jonathan, you have fought every President in Nigeria since you left Dodan Barracks. Are you the only ex – President we have in Nigeria? You should be a uniting, loving figure, tolerant, respecting, caring, loving us all, uniting all in Nigeria and Africa, uniting families.

Unfortunately, your own biological family you fight, hate them and rubbish them; you fight your children and wives, you enjoy humiliating, stripping people of dignity and respect. Do you want to depart from this world with a legacy of perpetuating chaos, instability and igniting battle and treacherous lifestyles? You don’t know how to be loyal and protective of anyone close to you.
By the way Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, how many wives do you have? Let the whole world know the number of wives you have. Why do you hide them. When you die, everyone will know the number of wives you have.

Sir, you are a traitor to God who brought you from poverty to greatness and the King Saul of Nigeria and Africa. But l say to you Chief Olusegun Obasanjo if all l have said are insults and lies, your end shall be sweet but if all l have said are the divine truth of Heaven of your hidden life, your end shall be in total regret in Jesus mighty name.

None can mock God. Sir, let me tell you about someone called Baba Wahab Folawiyo -a great leader – Father of Tunde Folawiyo- husband of Sisi Abbah, a very wealthy and famous man. He was not abusing or humiliating people. He died, we didn’t hear of any battle or attack from his family, wives or children. Tunde Folawiyo his first born- is taking great care of all his late father’s children, home, businesses and all his activities. What will your end and legacy be, because you are fighting your own children, wives and family? Myself and your first wife, Mummy Remi Obasanjo are good friends. You told me you wanted myself and her to hold your home together for you. You have so much horrible, terrible secrets that must not be brought to the open, but l will not reveal them, because if the world knows they will stone you on the streets.

Have you forgotten how l have been begging and begging you to bring all your children together, make peace with Dr Gbenga Obasanjo and his mother who is your first wife?

After the marriage of my Son, you still came back to me that we should be together again and l came back to your Hill Top residence, it was when l reminded you again to make peace with your son Dr Gbenga Obasanjo and his mother that you got angry again telling me that l should not tell you who to reconcile with. We quarrelled badly again, the reconciliation turn sour because l did not share your view that you will forever remain alienated to your children and first wife.

Have you forgotten the day you begged me to come back and l came to the HillTop residence and left at 1am after you quarrelled with me because of certain things? James your security detail saw me off. It was because l left you and to spite me that you went to bring the woman you are now parading as your Missus. Absolute rubbish! When she is sinking in sorrow because she dares not complain? When l advised you to bring all your wives together for a meeting, so that we can know one another and you listened and you brought us together with your first wife in attendance, you didn’t bring your current Mrs to the family meeting even though she has had her one child for you then.Which wife can truly say she has not seen hell in your hands? They cannot talk because you will strike them and the child they have for you off from your will. You are truly a wicked, terrible soul, God Almighty will expose you soon in Jesus mighty name.

You are a truly miserable, old soul despite all God has done for you. If not why will you be fighting every successive President? Should you not be a father to both losers and the winners?

And lastly, you are the one tormenting, bringing poverty and hardship to the people not President Tinubu. This is because you are a master schemer and destroyer. You know how to secretly ensure whoever is in power and does not do your bidding, you pursue to fall, to fail, through one evil political scheme or the other.

Sir, l say to you and to the world – the day you, Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo transits into eternity, Nigeria and Africa will begin to know true peace, progress, unity, beautiful and great development. The bondages and yokes you put on Nigeria and Africa will be permanently broken, because your secret agenda is to see that all leaders in Nigeria fail and you alone remain standing.

Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo has a goal to destroy Nigeria and Africa and make all African leaders impotent, put all inhabitants of Nigeria and Africa in perpetual hardship while pretending he is the universal messiah whereas he is the true impostor, the unrepentant tormentor who cares for no one but himself.

He wants to be the only great man standing in Nigeria and Africa.The road to Ota and Abeokuta was the worst during his reign as President and his house is in Ota. He saved money that should have been deployed to turning Nigeria into Dubai for inflation to catch up with us. He is the longest serving President in Nigeria who should have given us massive, beautiful infrastructure, which successive leaders could have built on with ease.

He spent 8 years, wanted third term, but was chased out by God and till today, he is still lying that he never wanted a third term. He lies about my health and so he is a pathological liar and a deceiver. He didn’t give us good roads, or constant electricity, best healthcare or reduced taxes for manufacturing and production.

Before l round off, l want to beg again for forgiveness from all the Oyo kings, Council of Kings, Yoruba Council World wide and entire Yoruba race world wide. Please, l am humbly appealing again, don’t take out vengeance on any of us, my children, myself or my lineage all because of the neurotic humiliating, deeply hurtful behaviour of Baba Obasanjo. All the families of Baba Obasanjo are afraid of him. Please l humbly and genuinely plead with the Yoruba race world wide – forgive us. Everyone can see how he came out to prove to the world his true self by his ill-thought reaction to my humble appeal to the kings for forgiveness.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the impostor great leader, the mean, cruel, wicked husband, the deeply twisted evil soul, tormenting and distributing agony everywhere he goes, you have gained the world. l want to tell you in Jesus mighty name, that God Almighty, the blood of Jesus and the name and power of our Lord Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit will forever fight and prevail for me and my children at all times. You cannot go and use your utterances to draw curses to us. You can write anything you like now or in your will when you die for me and my children. It doesn’t move me. I am glad l belong totally to Jesus plus my children and grandchildren.

Everywhere Chief Olusegun Obasanjo goes hell is always let loose, everyone will start fighting and hating one another, there will be no peace or progress, sickness and diseases will be rampant, there will be stagnation, business misfortunes and all manner of ills because these and many more evil are what Daddy Olusegun Obasanjo trades in under the umbrella of his greatness.

As God raised up powerful adversary against King Saul, l speak to you Chief Olusegun Obasanjo with the power and authority of the Sovereign over sovereigns – soonest, God Almighty will raise up very powerful adversary against you that will bring you down from your arrogant wickedness, tear your lies and your deception open, destroy tragically your demonic veil and evil power to irreparable pieces and strip you totally naked in Jesus mighty name.

As you enjoy putting people to shame, God Almighty will sponsor His own unavoidable shame and greater humiliation into your life in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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