Peter Obi: Errors of Judgement coming from Adegboruwa

Peter Obi: Errors of Judgement coming from Adegboruwa

By Adesina Ogunlana

I have had the opportunity of going through Ebun Adegboruwa’s ( SAN ) studied piece against Peter Obi’s presidential bid carefully and I could not find my self agreeing with him . In summary, he stated that that OBI is a bourgeoise opportunist ( with no track record of any worthy performance as a past Governor of Anambra to leverage on , given to spewing of dubious statistics ) who being a decampee of a decadent political establishment of the PDP stock cannot deliver good governance and must necessarily dash the hopes of any self deceived masses .

First , I think Ebun wrote in good faith and has expressed his concerns with much sincerity . However it does not mean that his reasoning is sound and credible . One perennial slip of Nigerian activists, radicals , even progressives is PUERILE POLITICAL PURITANISM . This PPP syndrome or inclination , even affliction is a failure to understand and accept the raw and rough nature of political quests in ‘ democratic systems’ whilst sipping on the opium of UTOPIANISM and a futile , sterile search for PERFECT CONDITIONS to arrive at a truly impossible El Dorado .

This unfortunate ppp affliction is chief reason why post 1999 elections and life in Nigeria have gone the way they have …..the pppists simply refused to participate in the aftermath of the epic engagements to throw off the yoke of military rule in the country . They simply disbelieved the realism of the 4th Republic , labelling it as a “fake democracy ‘, a ‘booby trap ‘and best a ‘ mere civil rule ‘ . When the # ENDSARS protests broke out many activists the traditional and ‘original’ , even ‘ authentic ‘ RADICALS scoffed at it .They dismissed it as a protest inspired by PDP or and embittered’ yahoo boys’ . Even when that struggle against police brutality and misgovernance reached the legal/ quail judicial stage , the scoffing continued . In Lagos , the epicentre of this historic uprising , the Government forces would have had a walk over if a few ‘ misguided ‘ activists like me had not ignored pppism and forced appearance and participation at the PANEL to represent the protesters as counsel .

Ebun’s criticism completely ignored an understanding of the principle of GRADUALISM and REALISM in political confrontation of an entrenched oppressive system as well the fact that historically that such systems have been defeated in the past , from seeds born and nurtured in the womb of such systems . I cite a few examples, however imperfect, like Moses, Castro and even Ghandi . The Nigerian people clearly are looking for redemption and Redeemers . They sought one in Abiola, in the quest for the sack of the military and the possibility of good governance in a civil setting . he had the appeal . But he died . He might not have delivered , but he connected with the people . They sought one in Buhari in the face of the ROTTEN corruption and poor governance of the third PDP presidency and he has infamously failed . He had the appeal . But BUHARI’S grand and terrible failure has offered . one invaluable political lesson ….the shattering of the lie that the two major and ruling parties are DISTINCT , DIFFERENT AND OPPOSED .

Now as we are preparing for the 5th presidency in the 4th Republic ( if it will happen) , the Nigerian masses are still questing for redemption and Redeemers. The person with the fresh appeal and a major , plausible contender is PETER OBI . Did Ebun’s piece examine his phenom adequately , before dismissing him as a non performer ? In my view , not in the least . Ebun just lampooned the man without enough stats . He cited the murder of a woman and the failure to pay condolence visit . He accused him of providing dubious economic statistics , nothing really bigger than this . Why is Peter so appealing among diverse Nigerians , outside Igboland , in the absence of a PARTY generated and inspired propaganda in favour of General Buhari in 2015 ? Is it because that Nigerian masses are that daft and dense . I respectfully don’t think so . People really want a change , a true change which BUHARI and his gangster APC have ridiculed , even mauled .

If there is no OBI in the equation , what do we have , in terms of plausible alternative to the ruinous APCPDP ? . Nothing . I am not talking of utopian alternative o . Why is Obi resonating with quite a lot of people ? Is it because of tribalism ? Tribalism does not explain him enough . I am not Igbo , and so many other supporters are not . Yet there are Igbos not supporting him . Clearly a large chunk of the established Igbo political elites is not in support. So what other reasons ? Because he is a rich man and known, loud deliberate and calculated philantrophist , say like Tinubu or even an MKO ABIOLA ? The answer is no . The answer lies in my view in a discernible perception among the masses that OBI is a productive , sensible , simple and prudent person who is not a fat cat purloiner of the commonwealth.

Ebun has accused OBI of opportunism , of fleeing PDP to ‘ hijack ‘ Labour presidential platform with millions of naira . I too have heard of this story and I do not disbelieve it as asinine and incredible . Obi is not a saint , like wise AWOLOWO. I mentioned AWOLOWO deliberately . Generations upon generations of Yoruba people and many others who have defied AWO , on account of outstanding development of the Western Region should know that he was able to do that because he first had control of the reins of government .

Pray how did he get the reins of government of the Western Region in 1952 ? Was it by coming first in the regional ELECTIONS of that year ? CAPITAL NO . The Nnamdi Azikiwe led NCNC came first . How come Azikiwe did not become Premier , but AWOLOWO became . It was because of a desperate midnight ‘ grand political obbery ‘ of the NCNC victory by effecting an emergency coalescing and coalition of AG’s forces and much lesser parties to become suddenly superior in parliament , the day after . That’s smart but not too nice , talking PURITANICALLY but the West till date is better off for it . The point I labour to make is that politicians are opportunists and even go as far as creating opportunities for themselves to attain power.

IT is the attainment of political power that provides the AUTHORITY and LEGITIMACY to govern the community . It is in this crucial respect that many activists miss it and tragically this is where common wealth feeders like Sola Saraki , Lamidi Adedibu and Bola Tinubu EXCEL. They ‘capture ‘ their cities by all manners of strategies and then move on to feed on them . Activists , radicals etc in Nigeria have not only failed in this regard but have continued to perpetuate failure with the continued embrace of the aforesaid malady of PPP .

In the end , is there any solution found in Ebun’s critique ? Nothing , just damnation and condemnation .
To me , two pertinent questions in the Obi’s ‘phenom’ are …one , can Obi win ? Two, if he wins can he deliver the goods ? In my view , Obi can win . I do not say , Obi WILL win .The’ apparency’ of logic does not always apply to contests , otherwise David will not kill GOLIATH. But then David stepped out , with three things ….with God , with Confidence and with a loaded sling . He stepped out ! He stepped out! He stepped out ! Moses too stepped out ….with God , with an articulate spokesman( interpreter) , with a loaded rod !

Can OBI deliver if he wins ? Yes Obi can . I have not said Obi WILL . I will not venture on examining this delivery POSSIBILITY, because it is PHASE 2 . Phase 1, is getting to the bridge first . I wish to counsel Ebun . I know you are in support of Sowore and the AAC . This is good but please do better . Don’t be a couch potato . Please rouse your self and become the gubernatorial candidate of AAC in Lagos State . Let us see you in action , not just as a well meaning activist/ patriot but as a self sacrificing politician . After all , the AAC is clean and you your self , pristine . Go , Ebun , go!

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