Protest erupts at COP28, as activists demand immediate Climate Justice

By Samuel Ogunsona reporting from Dubai

Activists rose in protest on Friday at the COP28 conference in Dubai.

The protesters are demanding for immediate justice and a halt to harmful corporate lobby and actions that fuel climate change.

The protesters want immediate action to address the impact of Climate Change on young and vulnerable people around the world.

The activists chanted pro-green slogans as they marched down to “AL WAHA THEATRE.”

Climate change has been a threat to millions of young people including children across the world.

Experts say that young people are the most affected victims of climate change which has continued to pose threat to their physical and mental health.

In 2015, the Paris Agreement reflects global acknowledgment that climate change is “an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet.”

The youths at the ongoing climate change negotiations insist they need immediate Climate Justice which means equitable distribution of the burdens of climate change.

Climate Justice included but not limited to equality, human rights, collective rights, and that the state and corporate actors must accept historical responsibilities for climate change impact while immediate panacea should be put in place to halt the menace.

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