President Zelensky still in exile

Col Sulleyman

Since May 3rd when Ukrainian President Zelensky Nicodemusly fled his country, he is still at large.
He absconded from his country for fear of a Russian attack on him. On the dawn of 2nd May there was a report of an attempted drone attack on the Kremlin in Russia, probably to assassinate President Putin. The following day, President Zelensky arrived in Finland uninvited to Nordic Leaders’ meeting. From Finland he moved to the Netherlands, then to the UK for King Charles’ coronation. He proceeded to France and on the 14th May, he was reported to be in Germany. From Germany he again moved to France. On the 19th May, at the Arab Leagues Summit in Saudi Arabia, President Zelensky arrived there again uninvited. He has since arrived in Japan at a G7 meeting today 20th May, again uninvited. Where will he be next and when will he go back to lead his forces to victory against the Russians?
All this while, his most defended city, Bakhmut where he has sacrificed more than 100,000 young soldiers has fallen and surrendered to the Russians today 20th May 2023.

What is Keeping Zelensky away?

  1. It is suggested that he is looking for weapons and financial support from these countries.
  2. It is also suggested that, disgruntled Ukrainian soldiers are planning to assassinate him to help negotiate an end to the conflict.
  3. Others suggest that he is afraid of a Russian precision target on him as a result of the suspected failed attempt on President Putin’s life.

Last week a French satire show host described Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s European tour as a traveling circus. This did not go down well with Ukrainian officials, who have demanded apologies from the TV station.
Ukraine’s ambassador to France lashed out at TV network RTL for airing the segment that likened President Vladimir Zelensky’s tour of Europe to a traveling circus.

In fact on Saturday 13th May
A request by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to address the Eurovision Song Contest final in the English city of Liverpool was denied by broadcasters. He has become a laughing stock because he requests to attend any gathering that does not need his presence.

The Counteroffensive that never Was.
The much touted Ukrainian counteroffensive has crumbled like a controlled demolition building. Bakhmut has finally been fully captured with all Ukrainian forces either retreating or destroyed in the city.

The much praised American Abrams Tanks, German Leopard 2 Tanks, American HIMARS, British Challenger 2 Tanks, the US Striker armoured vehicles, the Bradley fighting vehicles, the US’ Almighty Patriot Air Defence Systems, Turkish Bayraktar TB2 armed drones, the thousands of NLAW and Javelin Anti-tank weapons, and The Storm Shadow cruise missiles have all come to naught. In fact all the most powerful NATO and USA weapons have been defeated by the Russians.

Nothing more to offer.
Videos are awash on the media of the destruction of the famous US Patriot Air defence system in Kiev a few days ago. The last Ukrainian defence and hope is now the F-16 fighter Aircraft that President Zelensky has been begging for to change the dynamics of the war. How are F-16s going to change the dynamics of the war? Soon they will be falling from the skies humiliated like the patriot missile system.

How are the Ukrainians going to operate F-16s that have several variants? All operators of the aircraft have different variants, and which of them will the Ukrainian pilots train on?

Where are they going to hide the jets? Even the Patriot systems that can be hidden behind buildings and camouflaged have been located and destroyed. I am certain that the Ukrainian air defences will shoot all of them out of the skies even before Russia does. Many countries using the F-16s including Singapore, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt are considering retiring them. These are the types that Ukraine will be receiving just as old MiG 29s were donated yet could not fly. Russia is on a constant move beyond Bakhmut now.
The Americans and Lockheed Martin are scared of F-16s being blown out in the skies. This will let the aircraft lose its huge market in the world. If you lose an F-16 it will be a big story. Sukhois are falling out of the sky, but that’s not a story because the Russians do not brag about their aircrafts.
Perhaps for such reasons, there are still naysayers in the Western alliance in deploying it. F-16s have never operated in a highly defended skies as in Ukraine. This will be their first test against Russian S-300 and S-400 air defence Systems, and MiG 35s and SU-57s. NATO is already scared.

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