Reports that US President Biden said former President Buhari ruled Nigeria as a dead is FAKE

By Ogunsona Samuel and Omolade Adegbuyi

The United States President, Joe Biden did not at any time say that Nigeria was ruled by a dead President, fact check by Irohinoodua has revealed.

A viral report credited to the British Broadcasting Commission, (BBC) claimed that Biden said Nigerian former President, Buhari was actually a dead man long before his exit from power in May 2023.

“Nigeria is the only country in the world ruled by a dead man” the report quoted Biden as speaking to a BBC.

Irohinoodua using multiple fact check tools discovered that there was no such news item on BBC in the last 10 years and could not have happened earlier.

Irohinoodua IT department discovered that Artificial Intelligence, (IT) was at play.

The news started with reports that asylum seekers were being moved from Britain to Rwanda while the newscaster suddenly shifted to the news that former US President said Nigeria was the only country ruled by a dead man.

Findings through lipreading the newscaster indicated the words were imposed on her while the lipreading of Biden indicated there was an impostor in place using IT manipulation to achieve a mischievous plot.

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