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Shell leads again, unveils Off-Grid Solar milestone to tackle Nigeria’s power hitches

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

Shell, a leading energy corporation, has opened yet another chapter in Nigerian history

The oil giant has opened a new, innovative approach that addresses Nigeria’s persistent power slowdown.

The initiative is in response to the ongoing struggle with unreliable electricity supply, particularly in remote areas.

Shell Nigeria Plc is now shifting its focus towards off-grid solar solutions as a viable alternative.

The company aims to decentralize energy provision, circumventing the limitations of the national grid and reaching communities currently underserved. This strategic move reflects Shell’s commitment to providing reliable energy access to Nigerians, regardless of their proximity to conventional infrastructure.

Country Chair of Shell Companies in Nigeria,
Osagie Okunbor
revealed the progressive initiative during a Ministerial panel session at the 7th Nigerian International Energy Summit in Abuja.

Emphasizing the importance of partnerships, technological innovation, and sustainable financing, Okunbor highlighted the potential for Africa to lead in energy security and economic prosperity through a holistic approach.

He stressed the significance of international collaborations in accessing advanced technologies and best practices, citing Shell’s participation in initiatives like the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership to mitigate emissions. Okunbor underscored the crucial role of energy security and affordability in driving economic growth, particularly for emerging economies like those in Africa.

He stated, “a holistic approach that addresses efficiencies in the development of conventional energy sources which Africa has an abundance of and will depend on for now and in the nearest future.”

Highlighting Shell’s longstanding presence across various African nations, Okunbor outlined the company’s commitment to supporting the energy sector’s development. In Nigeria, Shell collaborates closely with government and stakeholders to promote gas utilization as a transition fuel, foster local content development, and deploy off-grid renewables to millions of households.

Through these efforts, Shell aims to contribute to the sustainable energy future of Nigeria and the broader African continent.

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