Sweden Declares Sex As Sport, First Sex Championship To Hold Next Week

By Samuel Ogunsona

The Swedish Government has declared sex as a part of sport which the first sex championship is slated to take place next week. The Swedish Sex federation has announced June 8, 2023 as the start date for the European Sex Championship tournament which includes various sex categories like the Oral sex, Foreplay and Penetration.

Participant taking part in the competition will engage in marathon six hours of sex daily.

The President of the Swedish sex federation, Dragon Bratych, said it’s important to recognize Sex as part of sport and physical training.

Just like any other sport, achieving desired results in sex requires training. Therefore, it is only logical for people to start competing in this domain as well,” Bratych said.

“The incorporation of sexual orientation as a part of sporting tactics will be a groundbreaking development among European countries,”He added.

Moreover, Some institutions have shared mixed reactions about this competition, while some are of the opinion that this is indeed an act of inclusiveness.

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