The Coming Collition


by. Moses Oludele Idowu

“Two sovereign wills cannot exist side by side within the same space, sooner or later they will collide.”
– A. W. Tozer (1897-1963)

I see a collision coming. I see a day coming when the slaves and the slave masters will see eye to eye. I see a day coming when the servants will look at their lords with defiance, dishonor and reproach and without suffering any consequences. The spirit and yearnings of a people cannot be silenced forever; sooner or later they will burst forth. The natural course or channel of a river cannot be blocked, it will cut out another channel and flow out.

A collision is coming in Nigeria and even in many other parts of the world. Or do I say collisions because it is coming on several levels and at different dimensions.

I can see it, I have seen it and will see it come to pass. The spirit of a people cannot be fettered continuously; there must be a confrontation.

Nigeria is a nation of two sovereign wills.

Two different kinds of will, idea, ideology, aspiration, motion., rule Nigeria. Two kinds of belief and doctrine shape our national life.

The first tends towards equality, egalitarianism, brotherhood, patriotism, justice, democracy, prosperity, due process etc; the other towards hegemony, feudalism, aristocracy, inequality, injustice, tribalism, sectionalism, etc.

Put simply the two ideologies are feudal- theocracy and secular- democracy.

The feudal- theocracy is symbolised by the Caliphate and Hausa- Fulani Oligarchy and has as its supreme head the Sultan of Sokoto who is also the President or Chairman of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs and head of all Nigerian Muslims.

The second ideology, that is secular – democracy has no visible head but embraces all true patriots, democrats, labour unions, the larger citizenry in both North and South.

Although not all people in the North are theocrats (I am a Northerner and I am not) it is fairly appropriate that the ideology of feudal- theocracy is more dominant in the North while the ideology of secular- democracy is rooted in the South.

The legal instrument of the feudal theocracy is Sharia, the Islamic Law and the legal instrument of the secular democracy is the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Unfortunately for the secular democrats even the Constitution is not a People’s Constitution because they had no hand in its making and the document has more to say on Sharia, Muslims and Islam than even human rights, people’s welfare and prosperity. The Sultan was once quoted to have said that the only Constitution he recognized is the Sharia. Others are not so bold but they believe the same thing.

These two ideologies are now in conflict as one tries to swallow the other and to sway the nation in its own direction. This is why sometimes Nigeria behaves like drunken sailor in a barber shop being tossed in different and diversionary directions by conflicting ideologies and philosophies.

To be sure this conflict is not limited to Nigeria. In most nations today there is a struggle between two conflicting ideologies, one tending towards freedom and equality the other towards slavery and totalitarianism. But Nigerian own is different.

It is part of the accident of history that Nigeria was colonised by Britain, treacherous Britain- a nation whose history is full of treachery, betrayals, subversion and rape of native peoples by its occult ruling elites and freemasonry.

For reasons that are located in History and Metaphysics and which will be too tedious to go into here, the British Occult Ruling elites saw some similarities and affinity with the Northern powers especially the Caliphate and for that reason found it needful and beneficial to their long-term interests to work with these forces. It is not therefore surprising that British colonial powers on the eve of departure, based on a spectacularly- rigged election based on a flawed census and allocation of seats, handed over Nigeria with all her interests to the Northern powers especially the Caliphate, on a kind of turn by turn arrangements.

Even though Britain claims to be a Christian nation and was indeed so, the occult ruling elites – who govern and control the world with the City of London as its ancient traditional capital – and whose agents came here chose to sideline and even block the real democratic, progressive forces from the South though they were professing Christians even with their impressive election results.

*The Manipulation of 1959*

It is the tragedy of the secular – democrats that the enemy scored against them so early in the day but they didn’t realize it. Right from the beginning they lost out in the first ever Independence election.

That election was carefully manipulated by the segment of the British occult ruling elites in Nigeria who insisted that power must go to the Caliphate, its political party and allies of British National interests, the Northern Peoples Congress. Indeed no one can view the results of that election without seeing the hand of manipulation.

*Results of Major Parties (1959) Total Votes*

NCNC. 2,595,770. (34%)
A.G. 1,992,364. (26.1%)
NPC:. 1,922,179. (25.2%)
NEPU:. 509,050. (6.7%)
M.G.A. 610,677. (8%)

This was the results of the major parties in the Independence election of 1959. M.G.A is Mabolaje Grand Alliance, A.G is Action Group and NPC is the Northern Peoples Congress.

Even though the Northern Peoples Congress came third in terms of actual number of votes it got the highest number of legislative seats.

*Allocation of Seats (1959)*

NCNC – 81 seats
A.G. 73 seats
NPC 134 seats
NEPU. 8 seats
MGA. 6 seats

How does a party that came third in votes tally get rewarded with the highest number of seats?

This is the hand of Esau the voice of Jacob; the hand of Britain, the voice of the Caliphate.

This was based on two major manipulations of the British. In 1952 the British allocated 50% of the seats in the Federal Parliament to the North because the Emirs demanded this as a condition for remaining in a united Nigeria.

In 1942 in response to a plea from West Africa Students Union (WASU) urging the Northern Chiefs to support the Constitutional evolution the Emirs had stated:

“Holding this country together is not possible except by means of the religion of the Prophet. If they want political unity let them follow our religion.” [ See Obafemi Awolowo,
*Path to Nigerian Freedom* , London,1947 p.51]

Two years later in 1944 the Sultan reiterated the same to a delegation of WASU that paid a courtesy call:

“Those Southerners who desire a United Nigeria should first embrace Islam as their religion.” [ See James Coleman,
*Nigeria: Background to Nationalism,* Los Angeles: University of California, 1971, p.361]

So you can see that those who say religion does not matter are either sincerely deceived or abysmally ignorant; they are particularly ignorant of their history.

Thus to placate the Northern Emirs from carrying out their threats the north was allocated 50% of the seats and the entire geography had to be reconstructed to make sure that the North had more landmass than both the West and East combined.
This was in 1952.

Thus by the time of the census in 1953 it was easier for the British to rig and manipulate the census figures to justify the allocation of seats by showing that the North indeed had a larger population. Some of those who participated in that gerrymandering had confessed before they died asking for forgiveness of the South; other facts are locked up in confidential British files in Archive that will not be opened until after a hundred years.

This is how the Northern Peoples Congress came to be dashed with 134 seats and thus was called to form the government in partnership with some southern stooges.

Thus by the time the British departed the Caliphate had Nigeria – warts and all, lock, stock and barrel. The police, army, immigration, SSS, etc.
This is why sometimes the army protects the interests of the Caliphate rather than the interests of the Nigerian people. Same with the police and security agencies.

A good example of this was the June 12 election and the annulment that followed.

The Caliphate represented by the Sultan expressed his misgivings over the Transition program of Babangida because there were no Fulani candidates in the elections, according to Omo Omoruyi in his classic book, *Tales of June 12.*

Eventually the unexpected happened and Abiola won. The Caliphate was uncomfortable with that results and opposed it.

Even though Abiola was a Muslim and financier of Islam propagation the election was disallowed because he was not trusted to protect the Caliphate interests. He was too rich to be cowed and he also belonged to a major tribe that is well endowed and cannot be intimidated.

Thus the army annulled a free and fair election of the people of Nigeria just to satisfy the Caliphate. And the annulment stood; the winner of that election even died in prison.

In other words the army had a choice to stand by the people by upholding their democratic expression but chose instead to enforce the whims of a few elites and the decision of an ethno- religious hegemony and minority.

Although the army got away with that it was a pyrhic victory.

Something happened recently which shows exactly what I am talking about here. Two different cases but similar, the same army but different approaches and different treatment.

There was a kidnap kingpin by name of Bala Hamisu (Wadume) who was wanted by the police in respect of kidnapping. A notorious criminal. Fortunately he was captured by the Intelligence Response Team of the Inspector General of Police.

But on the way they met soldiers led by a captain, Tijani Balarabe and ten soldiers. Even though this IRT show their full identities that they were policemen on legitimate duty and the criminal was in handcuff the soldiers still shot at the policemen in the process killing three policemen and two civilians and freed the kidnapper removing his handcuff and allowing him to escape.

He was eventually recaptured by the police and taken for trial. The Federal High Court also ordered the then Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai to release the ten soldiers who aided him who were charged alongside Wadume but the military refused to obey the order. A legitimate order given by a court of law was issued to the military in respect of criminal conspiracy of some of its soldiers and the army, the “Nigerian” army refused to obey it. Instead it went on according to news report to promote the leader Tijani Balarabe. In which part of the world do you know this kind of things happening?
This is the first case.

Here is the second story from the same army.
Recently two soldiers engaged in an armed robbery killing an Islamic cleric in order to disposess him of his car. The two soldiers were immediately arrested. This time it was the army itself that quickly dismissed the culprits and handed them over to the police for prosecution. The same army that disobeyed a legitimate order of a High Court to prosecute its soldiers who helped a kidnapper to escape and who were alleged to be accomplices.

The same army, the same nation but different treatment and approaches.
In the first instance in the case of Wadume the victims were ordinary people, “bloody civilians”, in the second category it was a cleric, an Islamic cleric and functionary of the Caliphate. And what do you expect from the army, a caliphate army?

I have said it before in another essay that we don’t have a Nigerian Army if by that you mean Nigerian People’s Army. What we have and what we have had is Danjuma Army, Babangida Army, Abacha Army or Caliphate Army; not Nigerian Army in the proper sense. [ See Nigerian Army or Nigerian People’s Army]

It is these two ideologies that is usually responsible for differential treatments of people, of justice meted out for the same crime or similar crimes. It is why our army and security agencies are all out to suppress ethnic agitations who are peaceful while they are lenient on Fulani herdsmen and terrorists who are wreaking havocs in communities.

On a different level there is another collision that I see.

In many parts of Nigeria today especially in the South there is another plague afflicting the people. There are now syndicate of thieves and robbers going about seizing people’s properties and driving them out of their houses. This syndicate comprise lawyers, “Omo oniles”, touts and hooligans, connected crooks backed by forces within the judiciary, activist and corrupt judges and security men especially police. They will secure a kangaroo judgement over a land overnight and without warning backed with police and touts, hooligans and “ajagungbales” claiming to come to possess their land with arms. People have been shot and killed by these touts without any repercussions or consequences. Backed by top people they move about uprooting genuine people from their houses and land without government doing anything. In a nation where there is supposed to be a government. This criminality is now going on and is spreading and most common in the Southwest, the very people who complained loudly about the evils in Nigeria.

There is also the illegal army of kidnappers, ritualists, traffickers going about maiming and throwing families into sorrow. And sad to say the security agencies seems to be lenient with these. In point of fact there is enough evidence of official collusion with these criminals. The allegations by the Governor of Benue is another confirmation which also confirmed what the Methodist bishop said after his release.

All these like flying fowls moving about with guns sometimes unchallenged preying on law- abiding citizens. Farmers can no longer go to farms and even highway is unsafe for travel. But soon a collision is coming. Soon the flying fowls will meet their match and more than their match. A collision of flying fowls and sleeping giants is coming soon in Nigeria then it will be clear to all that injustice does not pay and does no one any good.

The Endsars Movement and eruption was the first form on a minor scale of a collision between these two ideologies. You saw how police barracks went up in flames and for a period many policemen had to hide their uniforms and identities. In Lagos many public offices especially those perceived to be hostile to people like FRSC, VIO etc were set ablaze.

That was a warning shot. It was a warning for rulers to do the needful and use power responsibly. That was a morning dew. A big downpour is coming unless Nigeria rulers fully amend their acts and restructures certain things and make this nation a blessing and place of harmony for all.

What I see coming will be bigger and no army or police will be able to quell it. In that day the long-suffering people of this nation will free themselves from their chains forged in the furnace of British political imperialism. In that day we shall know which ideology will rule Nigeria whether it is Constitutional democracy or Islamic dictatorship and theocracy; whether it is the rule of choice or of the whims of select Taliban- like elites. Whether Nigeria will bow to freedom or whether totalitarianism will take over the reins.

It is coming.

It is not secession. It is not separation; it is the same nation but with a true ideology that is true to all and fair to all where rule is determined by people’s choice not by aristocracy of birth.

As Winston Churchill once said, “If you do not change your direction you will end up where you are headed.” Nigeria is heading for a collision unless she changes direction

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