Watch video London police engages Yoruba Republic advocate Adeyinka Grandson on Terrorism charges

Watch video London police engages Yoruba Republic advocate Adeyinka Grandson on Terrorism charges

UK Police: Are you okay?

Adeyinka Grandson: I am not okay cause I don’t know what I might have done to bring so many people.

Police: Let me explain to you. You are Adeyinka Shobare. We are arresting you for encouraging terrorism and disseminating terrorism publication according to Section 1(2) of the Terrorism Act 2006. And we are also arresting you for the possession of a document likely to be used by persons for instigating an act of terrorism according to Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2006.

As expected, you have published this type of material a lot. Anything you say will have a prompt effect on the investigation and might cause damage or loss. Do you understand?

Adeyinka Grandson: I do understand. So please can I dress properly?

Police: Absolutely yes.

Adeyinka Grandson: I have publication online and I have my books written, which are on Amazon. I don’t do terrorism. I advocate for Nigeria to return to regional government insisting that we practice (it like it is) here in this country, whereby we have the Scottish Parliament, Wales Parliament you have Irish Parliament and then the Parliamentary system. This is what I have been advocating for that we should go back there (In Nigeria). That this is what we had in Nigeria before they suspended the system, and then introduced the Unitary System. I also mentioned that so many Yorubas are well educated but are all over abroad to find jobs because they don’t get jobs in the country.

Whereas, the Hausa Fulani come into our space and control all the jobs and we are just wasting away everywhere..

Police: You will have all the opportunity to talk about all your views later. All the things you are saying is being recorded and will have an effect on the investigation. You are being cautioned. But, at this moment it is probably not the time to talk about your political views.

Adeyinka Grandson: It is something I can be called and invited than for police to come around. There is nothing that I did that has warranted terrorism

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