After years of independence, the West continues to enslave Africa, says Sierra Leone First Lady

By Samuel Ogunsona

The wife of Sierra Leone President, Fatima Bio, has accused Western nations of exploiting and destroying Africa.

She accused Western colonialists of stiffling economic transformation of Africa.

She spoke amidst growing resentment against Western Nations who have built empires and fortunes from the blood, misfortunes and misery of millions of Africans, dating back to the era of slave trade.

She said Africa is yet to have the free will to make decisions for her people decades after independence.

Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, all in West Africa recently kicked out French and the Americans following pro-people putsh that overthrew corrupt and ideologically bankrupt Western stooges. Senegal lately elected a radical President who is expected to follow the radical examples of the three West African countries.

Among the ordinary People in the streets of Africa, resentment against the West is boiling.

Fatima spoke in a viral TV interview obtained by Irohinodua.

Using Sierra Leone as a case study she said the natural resources deposited in the country are enough to take care of every household yet the West African country remains poor.

She said, “The kind of mineral resources we have in our country is enough to take care of everyone in this country. We should not have a single poor in Sierra Leone. But unfortunately, we are not given the free will to make decisions on our own mineral resources.”

She lamented the crooked role of “Big Brothers”, the euphemism for the West who make a lot of decisions on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone saying the country is not totally free from colonialism.

“There’s always the big brother who decides and when you fight and say no, we are not going to do this, they use the system to stop you. It’s either they set you up with the opposition and they will be supporting the opposition against you from the back or they cause unnecessary chaos in your country so that you are not able to even govern your own people.”

She spoke further “They will do things to make you not be functional and of course, any country that doesn’t have peace cannot develop. You have to have peace before you talk about development.”

She said Emevery mining company that is in Sierra Leone today is owned by a foreigner while every mining company is owned either by the Chinese, it’s the American or British.

“Our electricity Bumuna, is run by the British and we still don’t have light. We are looking for light, electricity. If you don’t have electricity, how can you talk about education? How can you talk about health facilities? How can you talk about improving the infrastructure of your country,?.”

She said Sierra Leone has no electricity nor good water to drink.

“Now do we actually have proper water? Pipe borne water that our kids will not be sick. We don’t have those facilities. Why? With all the minerals we have. There is a cap you put before my husband became the president of Sierra Leone.”
She said basically, a company can take as much as $100 million out of the country in terms of minerals and then they can just give the company $10,000.

“Now what will $10,000 do for our health system? What will $10,000 do for our educational system? These are the things I believe that are stopping Africa from progressing. We don’t have a say. The sense about us celebrating independence, I don’t know why we celebrate independence because we are not free. That is my own take.”

She said she was not speaking on behalf of the government of Sierra Leone nor on behalf of her husband, the President.

“I am speaking as Fatima, as a citizen of a country who believes that things need to change,” she stated.

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