Abia Geometric Power Plant a national asset, says Minister Adelabu

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

The Minister of Power, Chief Adebayo Adelabu has emphasized the national strategic importance of the newly commissioned Geometric Power Plant.

He said beyond Abia State where the plant is based, its benefits are for Nigerians.

The Geometric Power Plant was recently commissioned opening a new window of energy opportunities for locals and the growing industrial hub of Abia State.

But Adelabu said the plant’s capacity of 188MW, with 141MW already operational is of remarkable significance to Nigeria’s energy renaissance since surplus power not utilized locally would be channelled into the national grid, thereby bolstering electricity supply across the country.

Adelabu spoke at the Presidential Commissioning of the Aba Integrated Power Project,

Adelabu elaborated on the project’s uniqueness, citing its integration and the involvement of Geometric Power Aba Limited and APL Electric Company Ltd, licensed by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to generate and distribute electricity within the Aba Ring Fenced Area. This area covers nine out of the seventeen Local Government Areas in Abia State.

He expressed, “It is no coincidence that Aba IPP is being inaugurated less than one year after I assumed office as The Honorable Minister of Power.”

The Minister acknowledged the swift progress of the Aba IPP, attributing it to focused efforts under the current administration. He praised the contributions of Professor Bart Nnaji, the founder and chairman of Geometric Power, during a retreat for senior officials. Adelabu highlighted the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for indigenous companies like APLE while ensuring compliance with regulations.

“As the presiding minister, I was recently invited to foster the necessary cordial relationship between APLE and some agencies under my Ministry, making sure that both parties mutually realized their objectives. In my intervention, I was very mindful of the need to encourage a fully Nigerian company and at the same time guide the government agencies on how to be firm and supportive concerning implementing government policies and regulations.”

Reflecting on the delays in the project’s realization, Adelabu expressed regret over the protracted period it languished due to issues surrounding power sector privatization. However, he assured that such setbacks are now in the past and emphasized the administration’s dedication to supporting impactful power projects like the Aba IPP.

He stated, “It is regrettable that such an impactful and strategic power project like Aba IPP could be allowed to be in limbo for nine years due to the avoidable manner in which the privatization of the power sector took place. It would not have suffered so long if the Tinubu Administration had been in office earlier. The suffering is now behind us. The future matters more. I assure you that under the President Tinubu administration, we continue to provide a friendly environment to thrive and targeted government assistance to Aba IPP, and other serious-minded power project developers in Nigeria”

Adelabu appealed to all Nigerians to safeguard critical power infrastructure, emphasizing the collective responsibility to report vandalism and ensure timely payment of electricity bills. He urged against illegal practices such as meter bypassing and power theft, emphasizing the importance of supporting electricity distribution companies in their revenue collection efforts.

In conclusion, Adelabu pledged the government’s close monitoring of the Aba IPP’s performance, suggesting that its success could serve as a blueprint for transforming the broader Nigerian power sector.

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